4 Steps to Make Moringa Leaf Powder

Many people have been curious about Moringa leaf powder. Due to its healthy benefits, moringa leaf powder is becoming more and more popular these days. Today, I am going to describe how to process Moringa leaves and turn them into powder. Premium Moringa Leaf Powder is made through a long process. This process starts from the cultivation of Moringa plants, harvest treatment and leaf processing. This series of procedures of Moringa leaves involves many people.

Some Benefits Of Moringa Leaves Powder For Face

Organic Cultivation

Premium Moringa Leaf Powder comes from the leaves of the Moringa plant. On an organic plantation, these leaves are cultivated without the use of chemicals including fertilizers or pesticides. By doing organic cultivation, the leaves are free from any chemical residues.  Fresh Moringa leaves are harvested at the right time. They are hand-picked by workers when the color of the leaves reach its optimum condition. The fresh leaves are harvested with the petiole for good in later processing.

Leaf Processing

There are many methods you can choose to do in order to make Moringa Leaf Powder. Different processing methods will produce different nutritional content of the final product. In fact, wrong processing can also eliminate all the important nutritional values ​​contained in Moringa leaves.

Many people realize that the main goal of consuming Moringa Leaf Powder is for the benefits. From the intake of Moringa leaf powder, you gain the extraordinary nutritional value it contains. Therefore, the main principle in processing Moringa leaves is to maintain the nutritional value of Moringa leaves. Thus, you need to give extra attention from harvesting to packaging of the final product.

The method of processing Moringa leaves to make Moringa Leaf Powder consists of several processing stages as follows:

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1. Harvesting Moringa leaves

The harvesting process of Moringa should be carried out in the morning. Thus, you can easily select fresh green leaves from moringa plants that are more than 3 years old.

2. Washing Moringa Leaves

Fresh leaves have to be washed to remove dirt, dust and other plant parts. You can then store the clean Moringa leaves in a storage rack.

How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?


3. Sorting Moringa leaves

Fresh sorted Moringa leaves are drained on a drain rack. Thus, the water that is still left inside the leaves can be drained completely. You need to prevent any water getting carried away to the next process.

4. Drying Moringa leaves

Drying is carried out in a closed room with a stable temperature between 30-35 celsius for 2 days until completely dry. Moringa leaves are spread out in special shelves no more than 2 cm thick. During the drying process, Moringa leaves are turned back and forth so that they can dry evenly. In this process, sorting is also carried out to separate the leaf stalks that are still carried away. This drying process is a very vital process in the entire process of making moringa leaf powder. If it is mistakenly processed, the Moringa leaves will turn brownish yellow and even grow mold. This happens as a result of prolonged drying, high humidity due to poor air flow or low room temperature.

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