9 Important Nutrients For Children’s Growth

9 Important Nutrients For Children’s GrowthBefore discussing moringa powder wholesale, information about human growth might drag our thought to the children’s health. The growth period is an important phase in human life. Humans experience very fast and rapid growth in this period. As a source behind the growth, nutrients are the main fuel. The nutrients are required to be complete and balanced so that the growth will run smoothly. Therefore, children’s food must be considered because children’s needs are different from adults’ needs. Something commonly eaten by adults in the US is not always qualified for children’s development. Read carefully the list below to know the important nutrients for children’s growth.

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  1. Carbohydrate

This is the major intake of children in their golden age (and also almost all creatures in this world). This builds the body, gives them energy, and maintains the broken body tissue.

  1. Protein

Protein has a function to protect the body from unwanted infection, carry the oxygen, change the food into energy, and build the cells. Because of those serious functions, humans in their golden age (early life) need protein with a huge amount. In dealing with this huge need, moringa powder wholesale can fulfill that and start to serve moringa leaf for children.

  1. Vitamin C

This vitamin works in some areas of the body. It strengthens bone, it helps the pain to heal faster, it strengthens blood vessels and it brings the cells together. The ideal intake for the toddler (1-3 years old) is 15 milligrams. The children from 4-8 years old ideally consume 25 milligrams of vitamin C.

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  1. Vitamin A

This vitamin is important for the skin and eyes. Some studies proved that children with good consumption of vitamin A have better eye health.

  1. Fiber

Fiber deals with digestion. Children with less consumption of fiber usually experience constipation. This disorder is worse when dealing with children than adults. The whole organs in children’s bodies are still fragile.

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  1. Folate

This nutrient deals with the development of the cells. It also supports the blood supply so anemia will not occur.

  1. Iron

This substance takes responsibility in blood supply. It makes the blood in great condition and always be able to distribute oxygen to the entire body. It also prevents anemia. The ideal intake for toddlers is 7 milligrams. For the children who are older than that, they need 10 milligrams per day.

  1. Calcium

It is important for bodybuilding. Calcium strengthens bone and teeth and supports growth. For curing wounds and stop the bleeding, calcium also plays a prominent part.

  1. Fat

For growth, fat is the source. The energy is saved in the form of fat. With enough fat, children have the energy to do activities.

In providing the proper food for children, parents are usually overwhelmed thinking about the right daily menu. However, moringa leaf for children contains 7 out of the 9 nutrients above; they are carbohydrate, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, iron, and calcium. It is suitable for busy parents in the US. Many people need this in the US, Morifa gives the best moringa powder wholesale that is ready to be distributed.

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