Did You Know Pure Moringa Oil?

Here Is The Description Of Moringa Oleifera Tree” Although the popularity of Moringa Oleifera continues to climb, maybe you are curious about how the physical shape of this miracle tree. Consumers in urban areas are happy that is fast and practical, so they prefer to consume a variety of processed Moringa oleifera products, such as moringa powder, pure moringa oil, moringa dried leaves, and others. This is what then makes people less familiar with the tree.

Even so, people who are in rural areas, especially those who live near the cultivation of Moringa, are certainly familiar with the physical form of the moringa tree and can distinguish it from other trees. The villagers are also accustomed to mixing leaves and seeds of Moringa oleifera to treat diseases traditionally, can also be relied upon to strengthen immunity so that they can be protected from coronavirus attacks.

Wherever you live, knowledge of the characteristics of the moringa oleifera tree whose seeds are the raw material for pure moringa oil should not be underestimated. This information is important to add insight. On the other hand, you can also make sure Moringa Olefera Oil is truly original or has been mixed with other ingredients.

Did You Know Pure Moringa Oil?

  1. Moringa Tree

Moringa is a type of tree trunked upright. The maximum diameter of a moringa oleifera stem is 45 centimeters. The bark is thin and rough, whitish gray, and has many branches that are erect or oblique.

Plants derived from the Moringaceae tribe are adaptive in a dry land, resistant to extreme heat conditions, and can grow very fast without the need for special care. The maximum height of Moringa is in the range of 7-11 meters and its age can reach more than 10 years.

  1. Leaves And Seeds

Moringa Oleifera has broad leaves, has long stems, and is arranged alternately between the stems. The color of the leaves is light green, and the green color gets thicker as he gets older. Dahun bitter taste when used as a vegetable, so it needs to be boiled with enough water so that the bitter taste is not too dominant. Besides being made vegetables, leaves can also be made by Moringa Dried Leaves or Moringa Leaf Powder.

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  1. Seeds, Flowers, And Fruits

Moringa oleifera trees bear fruit when they are more than 12 or 18 months old. Moringa fruit is around 20 to 60 centimeters long and has a triangle. When young, the fruit turns light green and when it’s old it turns brown. The seeds are round with a diameter of about 1 centimeter, and the color is blackish brown. Moringa oleifera seeds can be made pure moringa oil which is often relied upon for premium grade cosmetic raw materials.

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Moringa Oleifera flowers are included in the hermaphrodite category and are about 2 centimeters long. The flower has five yellowish-white thin petals and smells good. Flowers will appear six months after the tree is planted.

Until now, pure moringa oil continues to be produced and has even become the most sought after business needs. If you are interested in becoming a moringa oil distributor, you need not be confused looking for suppliers of a variety of processed Moringa Oleifera products. Because, Morifa Indonesia Company is ready to supply high quality and high standard goods, so you can market a variety of Moringa Oleifera products effectively.

We are an Indonesian company that produces many processed Moringa Oleifera products such as dried moringa leaves, pure moringa oil, moringa powder, and many other processed products ready for consumption. We are ready to partner with reliable business people from the United States and other regions.

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