Can We Have Our Own Moringa Trees?

Chances are, we want to take advantage of everything that any moringa tree has. It provides healthier nutrients than just any food. It becomes the source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other good nutrients that the human body needs. We are very lucky that nature gives us moringa oleifera tree, due to its major benefits.

Growing Our Own Moringa Trees

Is it easy to grow our own moringa trees? The fact is that this plant is easy to find anywhere in tropical countries. They can grow perfectly well, even without proper maintenance. Moringa trees only need adequate water, in which they get a good amount of watering from the rain. People, who live in South East Asia and even Africa, can grow this tree very well.

However, people who dwell in four seasoned countries still can grow this plant at home. Placing each seed into a polybag is recommended, so homeowners can move each polybag to certain areas. Watering this plant with few amount of water each day is enough. Pruning and cutting may not be necessary, because this plant still can produce lots of leaves, even without regular pruning.  Keep in mind that the polybag or pot should be big enough. It should be placed in a dry and warm place.

Turn Your Yard Into ‘Moringa Park’

Isn’t it interesting to own a park, where moringa trees dominate? Even if your yard isn’t big enough, it is enough to plant four to five trees. Even five trees of moringa can help you in maintaining your health through the years. The growing leaves and fruits of Moringa are endless, so anyone can get the leaves for their daily health care, or natural remedy.

However, planting moringa trees in the yard can be done perfectly in tropical countries. This is because the trees will get their nutrition from the sunlight, as well as a good amount of water. Moringa trees may not grow well in alfresco, during the winter in four seasoned countries.

Take The Advantage of Your Own Moringa Leaves

For those who already own their moringa trees, then they should take the fullest advantage of each part of the tree.  Cooking the leaves by boiling or steaming them is enough to deliver the most complete vitamins and minerals, proteins, calcium.  Other nutrients within the leaves include manganese, calcium oxalate, and iron, which is much higher than that in spinach.

Consuming moringa leaves regularly will help anyone to boost the immune system, as well as cure chronic diseases like asthma, constipation, arthritis, anemia, epilepsy, and any digestion problems.  The leaves are also the best nutrients for nursing mothers, which ancient women consumed when they nursed their babies.  Not many people know that moringa can become a drying agent or germ killer to the skin. It is as easy as applying the leave to the wound.

So, ready to plant your own moringa trees now? By having them in your own yard, you can enjoy all nutrients that any healthy food source can provide.

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