Delicious And Healthy In Moringa Powder Organic Banana Cake

Delicious And Healthy In Moringa Powder Organic Banana Cake” For a long time, moringa oleifera plant has been known as a medical plant because it has many useful functions of health. All of the parts of moringa oleifera plants can be produced for health products, such as the root, the trunk, and the leaves. Moringa leaves have the most nutrients inside. Moringa leaves can be produced into many products. One of the products from moringa leaves is moringa powder organic. Moringa powder organic is food addition to make the food healthier. It is the same as turmeric powder or matcha powder. Moringa powder organic can be added to the banana cake. Get delicious and healthy in moringa powder organic banana cake. Below are the steps to make moringa powder organic banana cake.

Moringa Essential Oil For Supple Care

  1. The first mixture is 1 teaspoon of moringa powder organic, 150 gr of flour and 1 tablespoon of backing powder, then stir until all distributed well.
  2. The second mixture is three chicken eggs, 125 gr of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of cake emulsifier. Mix all of them using an electric mixer about 7 minutes until fluffy.
  3. After that, pour the first mixture into the second mixture. Stir them all using spatula. After you see the mix is all distributed without any lumps, add 150 gr mashed banana and 100 gr melted margarine. Stir them again using spatula after all of the mix distributed well without lumps.
  4. Prepare the baking sheet. Before using it, smeared with margarine or coconut oil.
  5. After that bake the moringa powder organic banana cake about 20-25 minutes in middle flame.
  6. After it has been baked well, make it cold at room temperature.
  7. And after it has been cold, remove it from the baking sheet. Moringa powder organic banana cake is ready to be served.

You can practice the steps to make moringa powder organic banana cake in your home. We know that many people like banana cake because of its delicious taste. And now, banana cake presented in new ingredient, filling the moringa powder organic inside it. It makes the banana cake not only delicious but also healthy, especially to face the pandemic year. People are worried about Covid-19, especially people in America. There are many infected people over America. That is the reason why people need nutritious food to maintain the immune system to fight with Covid-19. It will save them from dangerous diseases such as Covid-19.

Consuming the extract of moringa oleifera plants will make the immune system will be stronger than before. One of the extracts of moringa oleifera plants itself is moringa powder organic. So, consume moringa powder organic regularly in your daily activities for a better health condition.

In conclusion, you can make the experiment in your home to add moringa powder organic in your favorite food. Besides cake, you can add moringa powder organic into your ice cream, baked bread, and so on. Enjoy the more fascinating taste using moringa powder organic. Not only delicious but also healthy food in your body.

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