Fiber Content In Moringa Leaf Extract And Its Functions

Fiber Content In Moringa Leaf Extract And Its FunctionsFiber Content In Moringa Leaf Extract And Its Functions Fiber is something that is stated in health journals to be a useful substance for health. Some vegetables are the sources of it and suggested to be consumed every day. Moringa leaf extract also contains fiber. But there is an exception. For products without dregs, it is lack of fiber. The best product to get fiber advantage is moringa leaf extract because the whole fiber in the leaf is included. So, what is this fiber for? To discuss a fiber, we will start with the definition. Fiber is the element of vegetables that cannot be processed by the digestive system. The best analogy to describe fiber is dreg. Fiber is the dreg that, if people consume it, it will come out again from the human body along with feces.

The other substances might be changed into something else, but this one stays to be dregs and pushed out to be dregs too (but in feces). The function of it is related to digestion. It can absorb and lock the water in it so the feces will not be dry. It helps to keep the texture of the feces in the ideal condition so they will be easy to be taken out of the body. There are two kinds of fiber, the one that dissolves in the water and the one that is not. The kind of fiber in moringa oleifera that helps to heal constipation is the one that is not dissolved in the water. Meanwhile, another one (dissolve in the water) forms a gel.

The Function

The most popular one, indeed, to make the digestive system in good condition. If there is constipation and is not healed soon, it will lead to hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoid is ignored, the worse disease might happen, cancer in the large intestine. The other functions of fibers are:

  1. It Helps To Lose Weight

The ability to lock the water not only helps the feces texture but also gives ‘full’ feeling and reduces appetite. The next intake will not be excessive and effectively lose weight. From the ‘full’ feeling that is sent to the brain, the brain reacts by stopping to eat more food. Also, it reduces the weight by limiting the calorie intake because food with high fiber is usually low in calories. This healthy food then prevents dangerous obesity.

  1. Monitoring The Sugar Blood Level

The fiber in moringa oleifera can control the sugar blood level by delaying the gastric discharge. Then it leads to the sugar absorbance delay and controls the sugar blood on average level.

  1. It Turns Down The Cholesterol Level

Fiber can turn down the cholesterol level especially the dissolve in water one. The bad cholesterol is locked by the fiber then thrown out from the body. The fiber with the cholesterol content comes out from the body in the form of feces.

The Need For Fiber

Based on the gender difference, men need 38 grams a day and women need 25 grams a day. In the various ages, there is an average number that is 25 to 30 grams in one day.

To fill the daily need for fiber, moringa leaf extract produced by Morifa is the best choice for US people. It is easy to take and saves much time.

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