How to Consume Moringa Leaf Powder Properly

Besides the oil, the Moringa leaf powder is also popular at the present time. It is because this product has so many benefits for your health. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and many more essential nutrients for your body.

That is why; a lot of people consume this ingredient as an herbal supplement. They believe that the nutrients contained by the Moringa leaf could reduce the risk of some severe illness. Examples are asthma, heart attack, etc.

Besides curing severe illness, this powder will help humans to maintain their health. It is even great for a booster for you who are in a breastfeeding stage. So, how to consume this Moringa leaf powder? Here are the recommendations.

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Consume it with drink

In fact, this product can be consumed directly. The recommended dosage for a beginner is 1-2 teaspoons. However, you need to consult a doctor first to know whether it is safe to consume this product or not.

Consuming it straightly is maybe so easy and simple, but being ready to feel the spicy sensation that will appear. That is why; eating or drinking it together with other foods is more comfortable. Make sure to know the right process.

To do so, take 1 tablespoon or for about 6gr of Moringa leaf powder. Add it into a 235ml of warm water. Then stir it properly until everything dissolves well. In another glass, prepare a filter to separate the water and the small parts.

After that is filtered, you could drink that moringa tea. To make the taste is not too weird; it is possible to add some other ingredients. Those are like lemon and honey. It will make that drink is fresher and taste more delicious.

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Add the Moringa leaf powder to Your Food

Besides being consumed with the drink, you can also add the powder to the food. Basically, it will not change the whole taste of that meal. The important tip to know is that it is not recommended to cook it.

The high temperature or heat may break all the important nutrients that it has. So, what is the proper way to consume this herb? It is so simple. You just need to sprinkle or add it into several raw foods.

Examples are salad, hummus, yogurt, peanut jam, and so on. It is also possible to add it to cooked and frozen food such as oatmeal. The key is always choosing the original and high-quality leaf powder.

To get that product, you can call the Moringa Indonesia Fangardana. The oil products are also available there. All of them are certified and 100% original made from natural ingredients. You can get the best benefits from this moringa leaf powder.

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