How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?

How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?” Moringa leaf powder is a good leaf for health. It comes from moringa oleifera plants which have many benefits from the root until leaf. It can prevent some dangerous diseases, protect the immune system, and so on. Moringa leaf powder is made through a long process series. The process comes from the cultivation of Moringa plants, leaf processing to harvest treatment. Moringa leaf powder is either derived from Moringa plants that are organic or cultivated without the use of chemicals or other pest control materials. Moringa leaves are also used fresh moringa leaves which are harvested at the right time when the content in the leaves is in optimum condition.

How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?

Leaf Processing

First, fresh and clean Moringa leaves are selected from the Moringa plant, then separated from the branches and stems. Moringa leaves are selected first, which are fresh and green leaves are selected. But leaves with white spots, yellow, still too young or damaged will be separated or discarded. Then the selected Moringa leaves will be drained so that the water still attached to the leaves is completely gone. So when the leaves enter the drying room no water is carried from the leaves of Moringa.

After that, Moringa leaves are put into a closed drying room with a stable temperature between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius for 2 days until it is completely dry. Moringa leaves that have been dried and then taken and spread on special shelves whose thickness is no more than 2cm. During the process, the leaves of Moringa are turned over so that the leaves dry evenly. In this process, a filter is also carried out to separate the petioles which are still carried.

How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?

Processing Of Dry Leaves Into Leaf Flour

Moringa leaves that have passed the drying stage will be observed for a while whether there is a change in color of the leaves or a decrease in leaf quality. After that proceed to the siege process. Dry moringa leaves are crushed using a stainless steel machine. This flouring process is carried out three times to ensure the results of the leaf powder become smooth and easier to sift. If there are still coarse grains, separate the grains from the finely ground moringa leaf powder. Moringa leaf powder is ready to use. If you use organic moringa leaves, you will get the results of moringa organic powder with better quality.

That is the process of making moringa leaf powder. To get the best quality and practical moringa leaf you can get it at PT. Morifa has been trusted to the United States market that provides the best quality moringa leaf powder. For the benefits of moringa leaf powder itself, there is no doubt because it contains a lot of ingredients that are good for the body’s health, especially to protect the body from viruses such as the Covid19 virus that has swept the world. So what are you waiting for soon have moringa leaf which has proven clinical properties?

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