How To Process Moringa Powder Organic?

How To Process Moringa Powder Organic?” There are several ways you can do to process moringa powder organic, one of which can be made by drinking tea or processing it into delicious vegetables.

  1. Moringa TeaHow To Process Moringa Powder Organic?

Based on research conducted by the National Institute of Nutrition in India, that the nutrition of Moringa leaves will be higher if Moringa leaves are processed into moringa powder by drying it. First, choose fresh moringa leaves or light green shoots. Soak in water to clean the dirt, then dry the leaves on a tray and dry in the open air. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight so that the nutritional content is not reduced. After the leaves are dry, mash or blend the leaves into powder, then save the moringa leaf powder in an airtight container and place it in a cool place. To make Moringa leaf tea, take one to two tablespoons of moringa leaf powder, and brew it with hot water. If you want more delicious tea flavor to add a little honey into the tea.

  1. Moringa As A Vegetable

It is not difficult to process Moringa leaves into a delicious and rich vegetable, the method is almost the same as cooking clear vegetables or spinach. Prepare young Moringa leaves that are still fresh along with a mixture of vegetables such as sweet corn, tomatoes, and clover. Prepare vegetable spices such as shallots and salt. Heat enough water in the pan then add the corn and cook until cooked. Add seasonings and add moringa leaves as well as tomatoes and clover leaves. Cook until the leaves of Moringa and clover look withered or about 5 minutes. Moringa leaf vegetables are ready to be consumed.

  1. Moringa Juice

Choose fresh moringa leaves and wash thoroughly. Put the moringa leaves in a blender with a teaspoon of honey, a glass of warm water and lemon slices to taste. After smooth, strain the Moringa leaf juice to separate the pulp. Moringa leaf juice is ready to drink or if you want to make it smoothies just replace a glass of warm water with ice cubes and then blend and drink while cold.

  1. Moringa Leaves As A Fresh Vegetables

You can do this by washing clean fresh Moringa leaves and boil briefly so that nutrients are not wasted. Then serve with chili paste or your favorite chili paste. Immediately eat Moringa leaves after being picked or may not be more than 4 hours after being picked because Moringa leaves easily get fermentation that is seen from the leaves that wilt and turn yellow. This can result in reduced moringa leaf nutrition.

Moringa Tea Is A Good Drink To Make Body In Fit Condition

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  1. Making Moringa Leaves As A Mask

The way is to take moringa leaf powder and then add a little water. Apply to face evenly then let stand until half dry. Rinse thoroughly your face and for maximum results try this mask before going to bed regularly. You can also mix a little honey or avocado in the moringa leaf mask. This mask serves to brighten the face and meet the needs of vitamin E on facial skin.

That is the way to process Moringa leaves which is beneficial for health. Consuming moringa powder organic is recommended especially to maintain a healthy body during a pandemic era like nowadays. Consuming Moringa leaf tea can make you avoid the covid19 virus attack and many people have consumed it including people in developed countries like the United States. You can easily get organic moringa powder by buying it in capsule or tablet form because many companies have produced it to provide what you need.

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