How to Use Moringa Powder in Your Foods

Adding moringa powder to your daily menu will give you so much fun because it is very easy to use and it provides numerous benefits for your health. There are many ways that you can do to incorporate moringa in your daily menus without getting bored of consuming it daily. Ensure that you take the right dose to prevent any laxative effect of taking it too much.

Various Ways of Using Moringa Powder

  • Mixing it With Water

The easiest way of consuming moringa is by diluting it in water and drink. It can be any type of water, but using warm water will make the powder diluted easier. To add more taste and nutrients, you can add honey or lemon to this moringa water. It doesn’t take a lot of your time, but it gives you a lot of benefits.

  • Steeping it as a Tea

Instead of using the powder version, you can also use the moringa-infused teas to make a healthier tea. There are many moringa-infused tea products you can find at the market. You can add flavor to the tea with honey or another natural sweetener to keep it healthy.

  • Adding to Your Smoothies

If you usually adding protein powder to your smoothie, moringa is actually serving the same nutrients, or even much more. You can’t blend it with just any smoothies since moringa is made of leaves, but it taste fine with green smoothies or tropical smoothies from pineapple. Just vary your smoothies ingredients to supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

  • Sprinkling into Soups

Not only good to add in your drinks, moringa is a great addition for your soups too. it can actually be added to any liquid recipes that you make at home so that the powder is mixed properly to the whole ingredients in your menu.

  • Baking it

The flexibility of moringa to be blend with foods make it even a perfect ingredient for your baking goods. Whenever you make any baked goods such as brownies, bread and muffins, add it to the recipes and it will make them more nutritious. You will find your baked goods more attractive in color with its greenish effect.

  • Using As a Salad Dressing

Rather than using a store-bought salad dressing, why don’t you make your own healthy salad dressings by adding moringa in it. While your salad is already healthy, now you can even make it so much better with the right dressing.

How Much Should You Eat Moringa

Just because it is easy to add to almost any kinds of recipes that you make at home doesn’t mean you can just sprinkle and mix it as much as you want. It is actually easy to consume moringa since this is a kind of vegetable like broccoli and spinach, but it is better to keep it around 5 to 10 grams daily to prevent you from experiencing stomach upset.

Different people have different effect in consuming too much moringa. Some people are just fine to add up to one tablespoon of moringa without experiencing any side effects, so if you are fine with that, then just go. There is actually no limitation of moringa powder consumption just as you can consume as much as your favorite vegetable. It is just sometimes your stomach can’t stand the laxative effect due to the fiber contained.

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