Katuk Leaf Vs Moringa Leaf In Breastmilk Boosting

Katuk Leaf vs Moringa Leaf in Breastmilk BoostingIn the world of nursing mothers, moringa tea bags are not popular. Otherwise, katuk leaf is very well-known for its efficacy in promoting milk production. This plant grows well in South East Asia. This plant belongs to Phyllanthaceae. For babies who have just been born, breast milk is the main food. Therefore it is very important to seek the smoothness. Consumption of katuk leaf not only facilitates milk but also nourish the mother of the recovery after giving birth. The leaf color is dark green because this leaf is rich in chlorophyll. This leaf is easy to be prepared as cuisine with fast cooking time.

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The Nutrients In Katuk Leaf

Besides being processed as cuisine, there is an extract that has been packed in capsules. It needs a few seconds to take. There are beneficial substances in the leaf that makes it special and able to promote health, they are magnesium, phosphor, potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber and protein. The other functions of katuk leaf are healing skin abscess, filtering blood, healing fever, boosting sexual vitality, strengthening bone, preventing bone from osteoporosis, strengthening body tissue.

Katuk Leaf Vs Moringa Leaf In Breastmilk Boosting

The Dangerous Substance In Katuk Leaf

Although there are a lot of benefits in this leaf, people have to be careful to take it as a daily menu. There is a substance that belongs to an alkaloid named papaverine. This alkaloid substance also found in opium. Excessive consumption can cause health problems, namely Papaverine poisoning. In Taiwan, there is a test on consuming katuk leaf. About 40 people consumed katuk leaf juice in 7 months (150 grams per serving) and get the bad effects, they are hard to breathe, insomnia, and lose their appetite. In America, people take the benefit of losing the appetite as medicine to lose their weight. Even so, they couldn’t avoid the other effects. The effects stay in the body for a modest time. After they stopped consuming katuk leaf juice, it needs 30-40 days for the symptoms to be gone.

Moringa Leaf Breast Milk Booster, Not Popular But Effective And Safer

Moringa tea bags, the non-popular beverage in promoting breast milk has similar nutrients. Moringa leaf also promotes breast milk production effectively. The tea form even makes it easier to take and more delicious. The extract is also available. Mothers who want to get moringa leaf benefits just need to sprinkle or blend the extract with juice. The fresh leaf and the extract have the same benefits but different amounts. Consuming the extract will get more in some nutrients. But vitamin C decreased in the extract.

A Miracles Of Moringa Leaves Powder For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Mothers

The Good Side Of Moringa Leaf Breast Milk Booster

Although this leaf is not popular as katuk leaf as a breast milk booster, it is proved that moringa leaf is safer. It doesn’t have a dangerous substance. The effect of taking moringa tea bags as an everyday beverage is lower blood pressure. People with low blood pressure have to be careful, otherwise, people with high blood pressure get the advantage of this function.

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