Making the Moringa Oil Bulk Recipe for Daily Use

The Moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk derived from a plant with the same name. That tree is mostly found in the Himalayan Mountain. That tree is so advantageous. Almost all of its parts could be processed into beneficial products for various sectors.

Those are for industrial, nutritional, and cosmetic purposes. The part which contains high liquid is its seed. In addition, it also has some nutritional compounds. The examples are protein, sterols, tocopherols, and also monounsaturated fats.

To produce the moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk item, there are two kinds of techniques that are commonly used. Those are like the solvent extraction and one more is cold-pressed. The result could be used for cooking, essential product, and ingredients for cosmetics needs.

Moringa Essential Oil For Your Bounty Pleasant Hair Treatment

How To Make Moringa Substance Recipe for Hair

This essential oil has a light texture. It means that you could even use it on your scalp. That will give a relaxing sensation and help to solve the dandruff problem. To get the maximum benefit, it is possible to mix it with other ingredients.

First of all, please prepare the carrier liquid. An example is almond substance that has the moisturizing advantage. Add two cups of it in a bowl. After that, you could add 5 – 10 drops of the essential liquids such as lavender or a tea tree.

Mix them well. After that, add five up to ten drops of the moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk. After everything is mixed well, apply it to your hair and massage it into the root. Then, cover the hair and leave it overnight to get the best result.

On the next day, you can wash and use conditioner for hair as usual. One tip again. It is also possible to heat up that mixture in a microwave before using it. Various parties said that it will give a unique and amazing scent.

Moringa Leaf Extract For A Slim And Healthy Body

How to Mix Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® Bulk for Skin

Besides being able to be used for hair, the Moringa liquid is also beneficial for the skin. It will make your face is healthier, smoother, brighter, and heal the acne. It is even great to solve the blackhead’s problems and dark spots as well.

To make this one, you can prepare the same ingredients as it has been described above. If it is possible, someone could also do an experiment by using a different carrier oil. That will create different scents and benefits.

Apply some drops to your skin and massage it smoothly. Then, you have to tissue off any excess. That essential oil has a long shelf life up to one year. However, make sure to store it at room temperature.

To get the original product, call Moringa Indonesia Fangardana. Various kinds of products and sizes are available. All are having excellent quality and this moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk is 100% made from the natural ingredient.

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