Moringa Leaf Extract Vs Spirulina, Which Is Better?

As one of the most wanted superfoods, moringa leaf extract gains massive recognition lately. Both in grocery and online stores, the popularity keeps growing unstoppable. It seems to beat its predecessor in the green superfood category; spirulina, that has lots of benefits too.

Recently, Martha Stewart and Naomi Campbell have cited moringa as the most powerful way to energize and nourish your whole body. It supports the immune system to make you keep healthy. Even, back then in 2016, some sites launched a comparison between moringa and other top superfoods.

On the other hand, as one of the top superfoods too, spirulina becomes a great comparison to moringa. It also consists of some vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can boost the immune system. more than that, spirulina also has been used in so many products, from medicines to cosmetics.

Comparison and Total Recap

Rather than other super greens, moringa still keeps being number one. It has successfully taken out spinach, matcha, and even kale. Meanwhile, spirulina also has been known as the mighty protein beast. It contains the highest protein per calorie and per ounce. To make the comparison fair, let’s check and compare face to face.

  1. Protein in spirulina has more than twice compared to protein in the moringa leaf extract. It is 5.75 gr and 2.7 gr.
  2. Calcium in spirulina is around 12 mg while the amount in the drumstick tree is about 174 mg.
  3. Iron as the most common nutrient deficiency around the world can be found in the drumstick tree, about 15.8 mg. Meanwhile, you will just get 2.85 mg from arthrospira platensis.
  4. The fiber in horseradish is higher with 3.3 g amount while the blue-green algae only consist of 0.36 gr and the recommended daily intake for an adult is around 10-35 gr so don’t exceed this dose.
  5. Vitamin A and C in drumstick is also higher with 910 iu and 0.99 mg consecutively. However, you will only find 57 iu and 1.01 mg in its opponent.
  6. Potassium which contains mineral and electrolyte to help muscle recovery can be found in drumstick 140 mg while only 136.3 in its opponent.

Drumstick is Better

Out of the 6 points mentioned above, drumstick has more winning points rather than its opponent. The comparison is about 1:5 where it only gets beaten on the protein content. Meanwhile, it gets so competitive in other categories.

This winning ensures that moringa is truly a blessing plant with high nutrients inside. Even, you can use almost all parts of this plant, from the leaves to the seeds. Luckily, now you can get the products easier through Morifa.

If you have no idea about Morifa, it is a company which has a headquarter in Jakarta while the operation based is in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This company focuses on producing high-quality products you can order anywhere anytime, including moringa leaf extract.

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