Moringa Leaf Powder a Nutrition Powerhouse in Overcoming Diseases

Today many people who suffer from anxiety and depression are treated with moringa leaf powder related to selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which are a class of drugs. But, is moringa the answer to recovery from stress?

A study of moringa published by the integrative medicine and the Journal of Ayurveda in mice showed that the benefits of moringa are the same with an SSRI, but its associated side effect is fewer. So, depression with moringa is potentially treatable in humans.

There are a lot of benefits tousing moringa for depression, anxiety, and other diseases. Scientists are wondering whether moringa can cure a yeast infection as well as yield positive results, and more research into using moringa for yeast infection is currently in progress.

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Cure Herpes

Two different diseases in humans are caused by the herpes virus. These two types of herpes are highly contagious and can be easily transmitted through physical contact. The main symptoms are characteristic scabs and blisters that appear around the nose and mouth.

One of the most natural treatments that effective is by using moringa for this herpes simplex 1 symptoms. In published in November 2003 that published Antiviral Research, the test showed that a significant effect associated with herpes is shown by using moringa extract in moderate doses.

Research has also shown that there was an effective treatment with moringa in mice that were injected with simplex virus 1. There was also a similar result in horses also shown by another study in 2015.

Moringa Leaf Powder for Psoriasis

There are not only superficial problems can be caused by this psoriasis. It also can cause cancer and heart disease. The skin health can be inducted by bioactive components contained in moringa such as oleic acid, thiocarbamates, and moringine.

The importance of proper nutrition in overcoming psoriasis symptoms was also revealed by studies. Supplementation with vitamin B, trace elements such as selenium, fish oil, have been shown to help reduce the severity of symptoms. Moringa leaf powder is packed with vitamins and it is a nutritional powerhouse.

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Asthma Treatment

The Indian Journal of Pharmacology published one study and showed that there was a significant reduction in erythrocyte sedimentation rate and the use of asthma patients by the use of moringa. There was also an observation in significant improvement of asthma attack severity and symptom scores.

Moringa is not only for disease treatment, but it can also give other great benefits for your body. Whether for your hair or skin, you also can use moringa. Moringa Indonesia Fangardana is providing the best moringa quality in various products such as moringa leaf powder for you.

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