Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® for Smooth and Soft Lips

Do you have chapped and dry lips? Of course this condition is very uncomfortable. When you have cracked lips, you won’t be able to put lipstick perfectly on them. The worse thing is that chapped lips are sometimes painful and annoying. They can be bleeding, too. Therefore, you need Moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® to get rid of this problem. Moringa oil moisturizes your dry lips so they won’t become chapped.

Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® as Natural Lip Balm

The most common reasons for chapped lips are the improper use of lip cosmetics and dry cold hair. Using lip balm is one of the ways to moisturize dry lips. However, some lip balms simply coat the lips’ surface. They don’t really penetrate and heal the lips. That is why many people chose to use Moringa oil instead of using lip balm because such natural oil doesn’t cause further irritation.

Fatty acid contained in Moringa

Moringa oil has abundant fatty acid that works very well to moisturize dry lips, keeping them hydrated anytime. Fatty acid is polyunsaturated fats that naturally produce the skins’ oil barrier. The acids increase hydration to the lips without feeling heavy. In other words, they reinforce and smooth lips’ surface.

The fatty acids content also maintain lip softness as it can moisture dry lips instantly. Used regularly, Moringa oil keeps your lips nourished anytime. No wonder that many beauty and cosmetic industries have used Moringa extract in their products.

Moringa Oil Benefits for Cosmetics that You Should Know

Vitamin E in Moringa

Vitamin E oil is often used topically to heal chapped, cracked lips. As Moringa is high in vitamin E, it can promote regeneration of cells. Applying Moringa oil on dry lips brings new cells to the lips quicker. In addition, the oily and thick consistency of the oil prevent more severe irritation.

Vitamin E is also known as an antioxidant that protects the lips from the negative effects of UV rays. When you are doing activities outdoor, your lips are often exposed to direct sun. Unlike other areas of the body, lips do not have the protective pigment melanin. As a result, lips are prone to damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Not only does vitamin E help protecting the lips, it also repairs existing damages. That is the reason why many lip care products contain vitamin E.

How to Apply Moringa Oil to Your Lips

Moringa oil can be simply applied to your lips just like you use lip balm. You can apply it before sleeping. You can also use it on your lips before using lipstick. Even though the oil already contains vitamin E that will protect your lips from the sun, it is better to keep using lipstick with minimum 30 SPF after you coat your lips with the oil.

Coating your lips with Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA as the base makeup enables you to put on mate lipsticks that you avoid when you are having chapped lips. You can be more confidence with your lips either bare lips or with lipsticks put on.

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