Content : 20 ml/glass bottle
Usage : Can be applied directly to face or hair
Ingredients : 100% pure moringa oil (TIMOR MORINGA®)

What is Unique About Moringa Face Serum?

  • Moringa Face Serum is purely 100% natural personal care product made from single ingredient, which is Moringa Oil, no synthetic ingredients added
  • Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle. Moringa Oil is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, cytokinins, zeatin that helps to maintain the youthness of skin
  • Anti inflammation, anti bacterial, anti fungi. Moringa Oil helps reduce acne, scars, blemish, spot
  • Moringa Oil contains unique fatty acid called the behenic acid, this is not found in other common plants, behenic acid provides protective barrier against the environment, also responsible for the soothing and moisturizing properties of moringa oil
  • Moringa Oil absorb deeply into skin, no sticky oily feeling afterwards (make sure skin is not wet when applied)
  • Moringa Oil is stable and resistant to oxidation so no preservative need to be added, shelf life is 3 years and above