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Shelf Life : 12 months
Bulk Packaging Options : 100gr, 500gr, 1kg, 5kg bottle

Moringa Oil Leno Extract is made in collaboration with L.e.n.o Beauty in Italy, in which lipo extracts, obtained using the patented method of L.E.N.o®, is a truly innovative process based on Biophysics technology that has been long developed by Ph.D. Mario Benvenuti in Italy in producing outstandingly unique natural lipo extracts that can be used in the design and production of a broad range of products for the care and well being of the skin, as well as being food grade at the same time, therefore usable as well in food industry.

What makes this extraction process special is that 100% of the properties and active ingredients of the medicinal herbs are preserved, therefore resulting in a much higher concentration than any other extract commonly used in cosmetics.

Both Moringa oil LENO Leaf Extract and Moringa Oil LENO Seed Extract is available. LENO stands for Lipo Extract Natural Of

  • Moringa Oil LENO Leaf Extract Ingredient List: 20% Moringa Leaf and 80% Moringa Oil
  • Moringa Oil LENO Seed Extract Ingredient List: 30% Moringa Seed and 70% Moringa

Both products can be combined and used together to create finished products that contains all the active ingredients of Moringa Leaf, Moringa Seed, as well as the original Moringa Oil that already exist in Moringa Oil LENO Extract (no other vegetable oil is added). Such combination is simply just the best of Moringa combination that can be offered currently in this world!

In fact, this is very effective and advantageous in formulation because much less extract dilution can be avoided. Unlike normal individual extracts that are usually the raw material concentrate being diluted with other cosmetic ingredients like glycerine, etc, Moringa Oil LENO Extract consist only of the moringa raw material concentrate + Moringa Oil.

Note: We can also offer LENO Leaf Extract and LENO Seed Extract using conventional vegetable oil like sunflower and peanut oil instead of Moringa Oil, which would result in lower price, but without the added benefit of Moringa Oil.

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