Some Drying Methods to Make Your Own Moringa Powder Wholesale

Moringa powder is originally coming from moringa fresh leaves, which are dried and grind. The process to make moringa leaves turned into powder are always the same, but there are some different drying methods to choose from. If you are planning to build your own business of selling moringa powder wholesale, then you need to know some different drying techniques and choose your best option.

Each drying method has its own good and bad side. Some methods might retain the good benefits and nutrition in moringa leaves while some others might make the nutrition decreasing. It must be well considered which method you are using since it will highly influence the final result.

Some Options of Drying Moringa to Build Your Moringa Powder Wholesale Business

Before drying moringa leaves, the unnecessary big branches must be cut off first. Check the moisture content of your moringa leaves by using 3 grams of leaves as a sample. Checking can be done using measurement device and you should repeat the measurement 3 times for accuracy.

  • Oven Drying

Oven drying has the longest time to complete since it takes 72 hours to dry 1000 grams of moringa leaves in 40 degree Celsius. The end result after drying is the leaves turning to slight yellow. With an electrical oven normally consumes 3.3 kw, it will cost you a lot of money and is not suitable for business.

  • Microwave Drying

Microwave drying is much cheaper since it takes only half an hour to dry 1000 grams of moringa leaves with 22.8w microwave power. This method is best for commercial since it uses less energy. The leaves are also becoming slight yellow after the drying process. Microwave drying also helps you retain the vitamins in moringa compared to the other methods.

  • Infrared Rays Method

This method also takes less time and energy compared to oven. It uses 2000w of energy, but it can complete drying process for 6 hours. The end result is almost the same as drying using the microwave and oven, but it is considered to be the most convenient along with the microwave method.

How to Choose the Right Method

It is important to pick the best drying method depending on your need since abundant moringa leaves can’t be just air dried. You will take up a lot of space and requires much time to complete the drying process.

There are still some other options of drying methods to choose from such as shadow drying and sun drying. Sun drying is said to be causing the leaves losing much nutrient it has while shadow drying leads to a moldy phenomenon.

Not only choosing the best drying method, you need to also decide what package you want to store the powder. The lifespan of your moringa powder is influenced by the package used in storing it. Since you are selling moringa powder wholesale, you have to ensure that your consumers always get the best quality of moringa powder you have and it is closely related with the package because you can’t always do a quick moringa powder production whenever there is an order.

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