The Benefits of Pure Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® for Your Skin

Look at your dressing table. How many skin care products you have? There must be a lot of products, each with distinct purpose. You’d be interested knowing there is a single ingredient that have numerous functions such as to moisture, to reduce dark spots, to relieve breakouts, and to brighten your skin. Yes, such ingredient does exist. It is pure Moringa oil – TIMOR Moringa®. Moringa oil may not be as popular as olive oil, argan oil, or other essential oils, but its healing properties are quite effective to address some skin problems.

Why pure Moringa oil – TIMOR Moringa® is good for skin

Moringa oil is extracted from a drumstick free (Moringa oleifera). It is called miracle oil due to its numerous benefits for skin. You must be wondering what properties the extremely lightweight oil have that it is very useful for skin. First of all, it contains vitamin E that helps maintain healthy skin as well as strengthens the body’s immune system and overall body health.

Second, it is also rich in vitamin A that supports collagen production. Vitamin A increases the blood flow to the skin surface to build collagen. Everyone knows that collagen plays a crucial role in strengthening and hydrating skin. As you age, the production of collagen in your body is decreasing, leading to the formation of wrinkles and dry skin.

The next important properties are phenols and vitamin C. These two properties effectively serve as antioxidants. The high level of antioxidants contained in Moringa oil is great to protect DNA from free radicals that can assault your skin. This explains why antioxidants are the superstars in keeping skin look fresh and nixing fine lines.

What’s more, Moringa oil contains a high amount of mono-saturated oleic acid, commonly known as omega 9. It is really a building block of healthy cell membranes that keeps skin plumper and hydrated. This property is the key to younger looking skin.

Moringa Leaf Extract For A Slim And Healthy Body

Benefits of Moringa oil for skin

As mentioned previously, Moringa oil offers numerous benefits for skin. Here are some advantages you can get by applying the oil on your skin.

  • Treat dry skin

Dry skin is prone to various skin problems such as redness, inflammation, and even atopic dermatitis. This condition also make your skin appear dull as the skin lacks hydration. Since Moringa has a high level of antioxidants and omega content, it is able to moisturize dry skin. It soothes and softens dry skin conditions including chapped lips.

  • Protect skin from pollution

Do you know that being exposed to air pollutants can lead to premature skin aging? Besides, dust, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and other pollutants can cause acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Moringa oil can fight against these environmental stressors as it acts as powerful antioxidants.

Moringa Oleifera Oil to Erase the Dark Spot

Moringa Oleifera Oil to Erase the Dark Spot

  • Prevent dark spots

UV light is an enemy for skin as it can cause dark or sun spots on exposed skin. As Moringa oil is rich in vitamin oil, it can help fade sun pots effectively. In other words pure Moringa oil – TIMOR Moringa® helps improve pigmentation.

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