The Different Nutrition between Moringa Seeds and Moringa Leaf Extract

Moringa is also called as miracle tree not only because it has numerous benefits, but also because almost all parts of the tree can be consumed and providing health benefits. The leaves and the seeds are the two most popular parts of the tree that people consume. While you are familiar with moringa leaf extract, you might need to know more about the seeds, the benefits and the difference nutrient with the leaves.

Moringa Seeds vs. Moringa Leaf Extract

  • Consumption

Moringa leaves are best to eat fresh when they are still raw. This is where they have the most benefits for your body. You can eat them as a salad or you can also cook them in the same way as you cook spinach or other green vegetables.

When you eat the seeds, they usually come in forms of dried types that need to be toasted first just like you are preparing popcorn. They can pop like popcorn does when toasted with a light oil.

  • Dosage

Both the leaves and the seeds are very nutritious, but they have different dosage to consume. Moringa leaves are safer to eat because you can eat them in a large amount at a time since they have minimal side effects. Moringa is the same as spinach and other leafy green vegetables where you can still enjoy as much as you want without having to worry about the side effects.

However, the seeds are much different. they contain powerful laxative effects that make you have to limit the consumption. Moringa seeds are higher in the nutrient compared with the leaves. This is why with just a small handful of moringa seeds are already giving what your body needs.

Not only they are more nutritious, but the seeds are having a high concentration of laxative ingredients too. you can’t eat them more than a small handful, thus it can’t be a quick snack you can always enjoy.

  • Flexibility

Moringa powder is more flexible in consumption compared to moringa seeds because the powder can be mixed with numerous ingredients. While the seeds can be only consumed by toasting, boiling or steaming, they are usually eaten alone. Even if they are mixed with some other ingredients, there is not much types of recipes to use.

The powder, on the other side, is very easy to consume even when just mixed with hot water. You can make many kinds of foods and drinks to your daily menu by incorporating moringa powder.

Which One is Better?

Both moringa seeds and leaves are best in providing nutrition. You just need to choose which one you prefer and pay attention to the dosage. While moringa seeds are only available in form of dried seeds at the market, moringa leaves are more varied. You can choose whether you want to consume it in form of powder or capsule.

Although some products of moringa leaf extract is easy to find nowadays, the best way to eat these healthy ingredients are actually by keeping them fresh. Moringa leaves and seeds coming from the tree are better than those the powder or dried versions you buy at the market.

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