The Importance Of Behenic Acid In Moringa Oil

The Importance of Behenic Acid in Moringa Oil has not been a concern of many people from any background. Only people who are involved in the beauty industry are familiar with behenic acid in moringa oil. Behenic acid which is also known as docosanoic acid is a saturated fatty acid consisting of white or beige crystals. Some food ingredients that you often encounter even contain behenic acid even though in relatively small quantities. You can find behenic acid in peanut butter, chicken, bacon, quinoa, pistachios, macadamia nuts, tempeh, french fries, amaranth grains, onions, and many more. Moringa oil has the most abundant content of behenic acid. The presence of behenic acid in moringa oil makes the skin soft and supple. All beauty products are maintained even because of this behenic acid.

The Characteristics Of High-Quality Moringa Oil Bulk

It’s Called Ben Oil Because Of Behenic Acid In Moringa Oil

Behenic acid is not a new thing in the cosmetics industry. America, Europe, and the Philippines are countries with cosmetic industries that are quite reliant on this acidic acid. Mainly manufacturers of skincare products such as antiaging creams, antiwrinkle creams, hair care products, facial foam, deodorants, lotions, aromatherapy oils, and lightening creams. Behenic acid softens the ingredients applied to the user’s skin.

This Is The Beautiful Way To Use Moringa Oleifera Oil

Besides existing in a finished cosmetic product, behenic acid is also found in moringa oil. Behenic acid in moringa oil naturally precipitates with very high content. The finished product only stores 1 to 5 percent of behenic acid. Meanwhile, the amount of behenic acid in moringa oil is doubled. That is why Moringa oil is also often called ben oil or behen oil.

Natural Moisture Carrier

The content behenic acid in moringa oil makes you feel the days of young skin throughout the age. This is not an exaggeration because this main component of the moringa seed extraction moisturizing properties that soften. The amount of behenic acid in moringa oil at least 9 percent.

When you apply this edible oil to your skin or hair, you will undoubtedly obtain a natural softness that you will never get in any natural product. Even argan oil is not easy to satisfy you with its abundance of behenic acid. Only behenic acid in moringa oil can bring natural moisture to your skin which always longs for purity.

The Refinement Of Cosmetic Products Sales

Organic Moringa Oil Which Is More That Argan

As a seller of the pure oil from nature, you always expect the dynamic increase in sales. With behenic acid in moringa oil, all your sales targets and expectations are very reliable. The mildness of behenic acid in moringa oil greatly affects the level of sales. Especially if the content of behenic acid in moringa oil you sell turns out to be twice the content of behenic acid in other moringa oil products on the market.

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The Characteristics Of High-Quality Moringa Oil Bulk

Indonesia is the blessed country because it has a producer of moringa oil which consistently maintains the content of double behenic acid in its moringa oil. What we want to share with you is PT Morifa Fangardana which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. So, no need to think twice and more to have the chance to grow your moringa oil business.

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