What is Pure Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®?

Guess, what is Pure Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®? Yes, right. Pure Moringa oil is the oil produced by the seeds, stems, or leaves of Moringa. How do you distinguish Moringa oil from other oils? If you want to know more about moringa oil, let’s continue reading.

What is Pure Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®?

Pure moringa oil is moringa oil which is made from the leaves, stems and seeds of moringa. Pure Moringa oil has many properties. Starting from treatment to beauty. Treatment with moringa oil covers ages 0 to the elderly. Treatment with pure Moringa oil is very well known, especially in Indonesia. A child with speech impediments can be cured by using pure Moringa oil.

Pure Moringa oil comes from the East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Its many and large properties make this oil used by various countries. Starting from Asian, African, to European countries. It turns out, among these countries, they can produce pure Moringa oil by themselves. Really independent and healthy country.

What are the characteristics of pure moringa oil?

The characteristics of pure Moringa oil are soft, smooth, watery, and of course oily or slippery. In addition, pure Moringa oil can also be used as a substitute for cooking oil. It is very healthy if we fry it in pure Moringa oil. Food dishes are also tastier because of the use of pure Moringa oil for frying.

How do you distinguish pure moringa oil from other oils?

The way to distinguish pure Moringa oil from other oils, for example cooking oil, is to touch the two oils. If when touched it feels soft and light, then it is pure Moringa oil. If it feels a little rough and heavy to the touch, it’s cooking oil.

Which one do you choose? Cooking oil or pure Moringa oil? My answer is that I choose pure Moringa oil for frying because it is healthier and tastier the results of the fried food. Please try it for those who are curious to prove the difference between pure Moringa oil and cooking oil.

The many benefits of pure moringa oil make this oil different from other oils. Of course, that is an advantage for people who really like this oil. Having pure moringa oil at home is a very good and wise action because this oil is needed in everyday life.


Finally, you already know what Pure Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® is. And you also know how to distinguish pure Moringa oil from other oils. Hopefully this information can be useful, and applied by you. Well, now you can look for pure Moringa oil. Then, please try the pure Moringa oil that you have bought, and feel its benefits. Enjoy your life with pure Moringa oil since now. Thank you for your attention, and good bye.

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