Why Is Moringa Leaf Extract Recommended to New Mothers?

Been nominated as a superfood in recent years, moringa leaf extract works well almost for everyone, including new mothers. Everything from the roots, seeds, flowers, even the leaves, provides essential nutrition for our body as natural remedies.

Especially, this extract offers so many benefits for new mothers due to its rich and super dense nutrient contents. As we know, the best food for any newborn baby is healthy breast milk from the mother. Having so many protective antibodies can help the newborn to support the baby’s delicate immune and defend against infection.

However, some new mothers have struggled a lot in producing milk. Unfortunately, some of them can’t get the chance to exclusively breastfeed their baby. Now, you can use natural ingredients instead of chemical products to enhance milk production, using moringa leaf extract.

Moringa Leaf Extract Vs Spirulina, Which Is Better

Moringa Leaf Extract

Essential Ingredients

Enriched by several essential ingredients, Moringa oleifera has been known as the best natural herbs to increase milk supply. Even, some clinical research has claimed that it is true, with over 20 years of different published studies.

One of the most recent studies shows that there are significantly increased volumes of milk when new mothers took at least 250-300 mg extract, twice a day. Others prove that breast milk volume has increased on 3rd day 28-32% and getting more until 152-176% on 5th day.

No wonder, this native African Asian tree has widely acknowledged as the most powerful superfood with complex essential vitamins plus minerals. Moreover, it also consists of protein and its 9 most essential amino acids and antioxidants.

  1. Iron to prevent fatigue and tiredness almost new mums get due to losing blood when giving birth.
  2. Calcium to strengthen teeth and bones for both the baby and mum and optimize growth and health.
  3. Vitamin K to normalize the blood clotting for mums

Moringa Powder Organic So Coveted World Healthy Food Lovers

Benefits of Consuming Moringa Leaf Extract Daily

Due to its nutritional goodness and effectiveness to keep the healthy, Moringa is helping the mother to replenish lost nutrients. Specifically, mums’ nutrients are drained since the pregnancy and it continued until the 4th trimester.

Thanks to the leaf extract that has so many irons, zinc, numerous vitamins, calcium, potassium, also protein to deal with this malnutrition. Per 100 grams of the extract has been completed with 9 x protein of yogurt, 17 x calcium of milk, 10 x vitamin A of carrot, 15 x potassium of a banana, and 12 x vitamin C of an orange.

You can simply put the extract into your morning tea or latte, add to a daily menu, or mix it into your smoothies. To assist maximum absorption, drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, make sure to get the best product from Moringa Indonesia Fangardana only. It is the best place you may find the high-quality moringa leaf extract and other products related to it.

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