Why You Should Consume Moringa Powder Organic?

Why You Should Consume Moringa Powder Organic?” Moringa oleifera plants originating from a tropical country in Asia. It has many names such as horseradish tree, malunggay, or ben oil. Moringa plants can grow fast and long-lasting even in extreme heat conditions. This plant is also long-lived.

  1. Existing Content On Moringa Leaves

According to information reported by The Asian Parent Indonesia, in 21 grams or one cup of fresh organic Moringa leaves contains 2 grams of protein, 19% RDA of vitamin B6, 12% RDA of vitamin C, 11% RDA of iron, 11% (Recommended Dietary Allowances) from Riboflavin / B2, 9% RDA from Beta Carotene Vitamin A, and 8% RDA from magnesium.

Consume Moringa Tea For Better Life

  1. Efficacy Of Consuming Moringa Powder Organic

Moringa powder comes from organic Moringa leaf plants, which grow without the provision of chemicals or excessive fertilizer. Organic Moringa leaves are processed naturally and are not mixed with other chemicals. Although moringa oleifera plants have small leaf sizes, these plants have enormous benefits. There are some benefits of consuming organic Moringa leaves regularly:

  1. Reducing human blood sugar. A study involving 30 women who consumed 7 grams of moringa leaf powder every day for 3 months. The result is that women’s blood sugar levels reduce by 13.5%. Another study showed that 6 diabetics succeeded in reducing their blood sugar levels by 21% because they consumed 50 grams of Moringa leaves every day. This is because Moringa leaves have isothiocyanate compounds which are very beneficial for reducing blood sugar.
  2. Reducing Stress. Research from the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics shows that Moringa leaves have one of the natural adaptogens that can protect the body from the toxic effects that are triggered by stress. Not only that quercetin compounds in moringa leaves also have strong antioxidants and affect blood pressure.
  3. Reducing Inflammation. Moringa leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for reducing inflammation in the body.
  4. Maintain Digestive Health. Moringa leaves also have calcium and fiber that can maintain digestive health and the body will feel full longer. It’s good for supporting the body’s metabolism and helping to control weight.
  5. Maintain Bone and Tooth Health. Because Moringa leaves have high calcium content which is useful to help maintain bone and tooth strength. Also according to the Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine Moringa leaves help to reduce inflammation and pain from some forms of arthritis. The combination of leaf extract and Moringa leaf root has a synergistic effect to relieve pain thereby reducing sensitivity to painful stimuli in rheumatic joints.
Why You Should Consume Moringa Powder Organic?

Why You Should Consume Moringa Powder Organic?

That’s why you have to consume moringa powder organic regularly. Besides being good for maintaining a healthy body condition it can also reduce and treat some of the diseases mentioned above. Moringa leaf itself has been consumed by many people, even people in developed countries like the United States also consume Moringa leaves to take many benefits from Moringa leaves. Especially to protect the body from dangerous viruses, such as the Covid19 virus that continues to spread throughout the world. We need to maintain our body’s immunity and one of the ways is to consume the moringa powder organic.

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