Health Benefits of Drinking Moringa Tea Bags Every Morning

The best and easiest way to consume moringa is by drinking it as a tea. You just have to mix moringa powder with hot water and serve it just like you are preparing a cup of matcha tea. If you have dried moringa leaves then you can also simply steep it in hot water. Another option is by using moringa tea bags, which are easier to take off from the water once the water infused with the leaves.

If you don’t really like the taste of moringa tea, here are some benefits that might make you change your mind and start drinking it every morning no matter how unpleasant the taste it for you.

Reasons Why You Should Drink Moringa Tea Bags

  1. It Combats Malnutrition

Many countries in this world are suffering from malnutrition caused by some factors such as lacking of clean water, war and poor access to nutritious foods. Moringa is an excellent source of nutrients, yet is inexpensive so that people can still afford. Moreover, it is a healthy food for both human and livestock.

Cultivating moringa tree is also very easy as it doesn’t need fertilization and you can harvest the leaves every month without having to wait for a certain season. Consuming moringa can help people with malnutrition to get the essential vitamins and minerals they need.

However, the best type of moringa to consume to maintain its full nutrients is the raw or cooked versions. If you consume moringa extract or powder like the one used in moringa tea, the result may be different. It does still allow you to reap all its nutritious benefits, but it is just not as better as the ones served directly without changing its form.

  1. It Boosts Immune System

Since moringa is high in antioxidants, moringa is powerful in fighting the free radicals in your body and preventing the buildup of oxidative stress. Since it has been known that oxidative stress is having a closely related with some chronic diseases, it means that consuming moringa keeps you miles away from them.

With the free radicals are prevented from coming into your body, your immune system is getting better in protecting the whole health condition.

  1. It Reduces Inflammation

When you are experiencing inflammation, it means that your body is responding to the stimuli. Inflammation is also related with some chronic diseases such as stroke, and high blood pressure. Phenolic glycosides, an anti-inflammatory compound in moringa can help reducing the inflammation in your body and lowering the symptoms.

Moringa Side Effects

Although moringa is very nutritious, it can’t be used to replace medications. Consuming moringa is just a good way to keep you healthy. If you have already a certain disease and is under medications, you should consult with your healthcare professional first before consuming any kind of food as there might be some interaction.

Moringa tea shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women too since it has some compounds triggering contraction. So, it is better to just enjoy this healthy beverage without having to expect it can cure or heal a certain disease because what mostly it can do is to prevention.

Drinking moringa tea bags when you don’t have any medications to perform is a good substitution to those ordinary cups of tea that you usually drink since it is much more nutritious.

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