Moringa Powder vs. Capsules: Which Moringa Leaf Extract is Better?

There are several ways in consuming moringa leaf extract, but the two most popular are moringa powder and capsules. People have their own reason why they prefer consuming moringa powder or capsule, but the most common reason is the efficiency. Moringa powder is easier to add to any kind of recipes both in foods and drinks while moringa capsule is a type of supplement you can easily consume in just one shot. However, which of it is actually better?

The Difference Between Moringa Leaf Extract Powder and Capsules

  • The Process

Both moringa powder and capsules are actually in the same form. They are made of moringa leaves that turned into powder. The difference is that the powder is not put into capsules, which make it have to be mixed with other ingredients before consumption.

Moringa capsules are very convenient and appropriate for busy people who don’t have much time to prepare moringa in foods and drinks. They can just consume the capsule based on the dose daily to get the benefits of moringa extract.

However, those who love exploring recipes with moringa will prefer the powder version. It allows you to make your foods more nutritious because you just need to sprinkle or mix it with your other healthy ingredients. Whether you want to add it in your smoothie, soup or even used as a natural colorant in your dessert, moringa powder is very flexible.

  • The Dosage

If you buy moringa supplement in form of capsules, there will be usually the recommendation intake in the package information. Usually, the daily intake is 3 capsules a day, but it depends on the brand of moringa supplement you are buying and your overall condition. The dosage of the capsule ranges from 420 mg to 2 gr per day to suit the different need of the consumers.

While for the powder version, the standard dosage is one teaspoon a day or about 2 grams. Especially if you are new to consuming moringa, you need to stick with this dosage for a week before increasing the intake.

The Best Way of Consuming Moringa

Although it has been very easy for you to consume moringa in form of capsules or powder, the best way consuming moringa is still in its original form. The raw, fresh moringa is way much better than any moringa version you find at the market.

When you consume the raw or the cooked moringa without having to turn it into powder, you can get the full nutrition it carries without leaving out anything. The process of turning moringa into powder might make some nutrition left or decreased.

It is better to grow moringa tree yourself at home so you can just eat the leaves fresh. You can cook the leaves to make delicious food or you can make a cup of tea by infusing the leaves and mix it with other healthy ingredients.

You can choose in which form of moringa leaf extract to consume, but it is always best to stick with its natural form as it has the most benefits.

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