Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® Bulk for Glowing and Healthy Nails

For many people, nail art involving painting and embellishing nails is really a source of joy. Not only does it make their nails more attractive, painting nails with a professional-looking finish is a kind of personal achievement. However, such nail makeovers can be destructive for your nails as the chemicals contained in the nail polish can make your nails brittle and dry. To solve the problem, consider using Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk to keep the nails shiny and strong underneath the polish.

Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk strengthens your nails

Brittle nail is not uncommon. Nails can split, break or split. Both the health condition within the body and external factors can cause this problem. Do you why your nails are brittle and dry? It is because there is not enough moisture. Lack of moisture is the result of repeated washing and drying of nails and overexposure of chemical cleaners, nail polish remover, and detergent.

The problem get worse as people age. Nails will become brittle and dull thus they get thinner and more brittle. Iron deficiency is another factor contributing to brittle nails. When there is iron deficiency in the body, the production of red blood cell levels is low. As a result, the nails and other parts of the body are not fully nourished.

Moringa oil contains mineral, vitamins, and several types of fatty acids that moisturize nails. It is best applied before going to bed so it keeps your nails hydrated as you sleep during the night. You will achieve a better result if you also always take care for your nails such as trim your nails regularly. It is important to minimize the absorption of chemicals and water. It is also necessary to avoid using a nail polish remover frequently especially the one containing acetone.

Moringa Oil Belongs To Indonesia, A Formidable Newcomer

The contents of Moringa beneficial for nail health

Not only does Moringa oil hydrate your nails, it offers other benefits for the health of the nails as it has the following properties.

B Vitamins

These vitamins plays a crucial role for nails health mainly because they absorb iron that’s responsible for red blood cells production. Both B vitamins and iron are necessary to keep nails healthy and strong. Lacking of B vitamins particularly B12 and B9 leads to a pigment change in your nails and cause brittle and rigid.


Protein gives your nails their resilience and strength. There is a fibrous structure protein namely keratin which protects your nails from stress or damage. This is the reasons why you must eat enough protein so that the keratin production is boosted. Moringa oil can be a protein source for your nails that keeps them healthy.

Other properties

In addition to B vitamins and protein, other properties of Moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® bulk linked to healthy nails are magnesium and zinc.  Booth of them boost the keratin production that eventually supports new cells to grow healthily. Actually, you can get all of the vitamins and nutrients from your diet but topical application of Moringa oil will make the cell growth faster.

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