Moringa Supports Liver Function

Moringa Reduce Liver Damage and Liver Fibrosis

Moringa Supports Liver Function – In January 2010, Food and Chemical Toxicology published a study that described the healing properties of moringa seed extract in cases of liver fibrosis. The researchers administered carbon tetrachloride to laboratory rats over the course of eight weeks in order to induce liver fibrosis, one of the most serious symptoms of advanced chronic liver disease. The biochemical and histological results showed that Moringa reduced liver damage as well as symptoms of liver fibrosis. The administration of Moringa seed extract decreased the CCl4-induced elevation of serum aminotransferase activities and globulin level. The elevations of hepatic hydroxyproline content and myeloperoxidase activity were also reduced by Moringa treatment. Furthermore, the immunohistochemical study showed that Moringa markedly reduced the numbers of smooth muscle α-actin-positive cells and the accumulation of collagens I and III in liver.

Moringa Reduce and Reverse Effects Of Liver Disease

Dysfunction of the liver can cause fluctuations in blood sugar, nervous disorders, and digestive problems and, in advanced cases, the buildup of toxins within the body that can prove damaging or fatal. Alcoholism, drug abuse, long-term prescription drug use, overdose and certain diseases can cause liver dysfunction, especially in sensitive individuals. Patients with advanced liver disease typically must maintain a strict diet and may require dialysis in order to purify the blood and provide the filtering function typically performed by the liver. In some cases, moringa supplements may help to reduce and reverse the effects of liver disease and restore improved functioning to the liver, allowing it to more effectively filter toxins from the body.

Moringa Protects Liver

According to Dr. Monica Marcu (author of The Miracle Tree), caffeoylquinic acids also reduce the symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, lack of appetite and nausea associated with liver and digestive disorders”. The antioxidants in Moringa are also protective. One study in particular focused on the effect of Moringa leaf extract in preventing NAFLD induced via consumption of a high-fat diet (HFD). The results showed Moringa leaf protected the liver from HFD damage, and reduced signs of NAFLD. The researchers concluded that Moringa leaf has both preventative and curative hepatoprotective (liver-protective) activity. That is the article for Moringa Supports Liver Function.

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