Moringa Tea: Exploring The Benefit Of Bioactive Compounds

Exploring the Benefit of Bioactive Compounds in Moringa Tea – will certainly cause a sense of curiosity about the function and benefits of Moringa tea. However, before we find out more about Moringa tea, we will present some information regarding the tea drink itself. Let’s look!

Tea is one type of drink that is loved by many people. Tea is also usually used as a mandatory drink in the morning, when relaxing with family, just to warm up or even serve as medicine. This is because tea drinks have refreshing properties and have various properties, depending on the type of basic ingredients. At present, there are various types of basic ingredients of tea, one of which is Moringa tea.

What Is Moringa Tea?

Moringa tea is a tea drink made from the Moringa oleifera tree. Moringa tree has a common characteristic that is 5-10 meters high, even up to 15 meters, able to grow quickly, especially in the first 4 years, the color of the leaves are green or depending on the climate at the place of growth. the young fruit is green, the ripe fruit is brown, and has a tapered and white root.

All parts of the Moringa tree has many benefits, including the leaves. The benefit of moringa leaves is very worldwide. Therefore, In the United States of America, the Moringa oleifera tree is nicknamed as The Miracle Tree, The Amazing tree, or Tree of life.

Moringa Tea: Exploring The Benefit Of Bioactive Compounds

Moringa From Morifa

Until now, Moringa tea is quite famous among people. Recorded in an exhibition held in Moscow in 2017, there are some visitors from the country of Russia who gave a very extraordinary response to this Moringa leaf tea. they even want to buy processed products of Moringa leaves even though they were not sold at the time.

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Moringa tea has many benefits for the body and has begun to be known long ago. Moringa tea is also often used as an antidote for various diseases in the Indian state. According to some people, the efficacy of Moringa as a tea can treat rheumatic diseases, epilepsy, even paralysis. The secret of Moringa tea is found in the ingredients or bioactive compounds possessed by Moringa. Thus, we need to know what bioactive content is found in Moringa.

Bioactive Compound Of Moringa Tea

There are a lot of bioactive compounds of Moringa tea, which ranges from 90 types of nutrients in the form of essential vitamins and containing 540 compounds in it that are beneficial to human health. Some of the bioactive ingredients in Moringa tea include alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids or triterpenoids, phenolics, and tannins. The following is an explanation of these contents:

  1. Alkaloids

The first bioactive compound of Moringa tea is an alkaloid. These alkaloid compounds are easily found in nature, usually found on the leaves of plants that taste bitter. In the pharmaceutical world, alkaloid compounds function as stimulants or stimulants in the nervous system, cough medicines, eye drops, antibacterial, cancer, and malaria drugs. Also, alkaloid compounds are used to accelerate wound healing.

  1. Flavonoids

The second bioactive compound is a flavonoid. This flavonoid is a compound in plants that functions as an anti-microbial, anti-virus, and antioxidant. These activities make Moringa function as an antibiotic, especially in people with cancer and kidney disorders. Flavonoids in Moringa are also able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disorders because flavonoids work to reduce blood clots.

  1. Steroids Or Triterpenoids

Steroids are a group of compounds that function to regulate plant growth. This steroid is proven to be positively found in Moringa and has often been used as a basic ingredient of drugs in the pharmaceutical field. The Triterpenoid is an antimicrobial content that functions to defend plants from various insect pests or other confounding factors.

Moringa Tea: Exploring The Benefit Of Bioactive Compounds

Moringa Leaf From Morifa

  1. Phenolics

Positive phenol compounds are found in Moringa leaves. This phenol content functions as an antioxidant, this is because the compound can reduce and capture free radicals. Phenols can inhibit the oxidation of bad fats, so the causes of heart disease can be inhibited.

  1. Tannin

The next bioactive compound of Moringa tea is Tanin. Tannin is also one of the positive ingredients found in Moringa. These tannins function as antioxidants and can also inhibit tumor growth. These tannin compounds are also able to dissolve in water or organic solvents.

Well, from some of the bioactive compounds of Moringa tea, Moringa tea is now one of the recommended drinks for health. There have also been many journals that discuss the content of bioactive compounds of Moringa tea. So that the efficacy of Moringa tea is also no doubt.

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Efficacy Of Bioactive Compound Of Moringa Tea For Health

Looking at the bioactive compound of Moringa tea, of course, we have begun to conclude that, this Moringa tea drink has many benefits for human health. Among them are, to stimulate the nervous system, treat coughs, as eye drops, prevent cancer, cure malaria, and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Moringa Tea: Exploring The Benefit Of Bioactive Compounds

Also, some other properties of the bioactive compound of Moringa tea which are rarely known include, to lose weight, avoid the risk of heart disease, slow down premature aging, cure rheumatic diseases, facilitate digestion, prevent inflammation, protect the body from the entry of bacteria, reduce high blood pressure, prevent anemia, and maintain bone density and strength.

If you start to routinely consume Moringa tea, then your digestion will become smooth, including to prevent blockages in the urinary tract. Thus, you can avoid kidney stones disease. It is also recommended if consumed warm because the antioxidant effect contained therein is still very strong.

Of the various properties mentioned above, it will certainly be more convincing that Moringa tea is a drink that is suitable for overcoming health problems, including also being a drinking buddy to unwind. So, if you have a health problem, then try to switch and feel the direct benefits of the bioactive compound of Moringa tea. Good luck!

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