Moringa Leaf Extract: The Way To Produce And How To Use

The Way To Produce And To Use Moringa Leaf Extract – Moringa leaf already exists since a long time ago. But the past few years, it seems that people and the scientist have not given their serious attention on this leaf. Fortunately, some researchers and scientists conducted research concentrating on everything related to moringa leaf. The result is ready to bring a brand new magical leaf that is beneficial for medication, health support, and beauty. The latest research result shows that moringa leaf is very promising for healing some diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and hypertension. Because it strengthens the human body, it also helps to fight against the Corona virus. For cancer, it is still learned more. But the good news is the sign leads to a positive result.

How To Produce Moringa Leaf Extract?

There is a big question on how to consume moringa leaf and how to use moringa leaf powder. For the people who live in the tropical area and near the moringa trees, it is easy for them to get moringa leaf. Usually, people in this area cook the fresh leaf and serve it as a meal. However, the people who do not live in this area may have difficulty to get this kind of leaf. Also, if the leaf is in fresh condition, it could be rotten easily. To overcome that problem, scientists stated that the best way to keep it longer and make it easy to use is by extracting it. Extracting moringa will not eliminate the good contents. There are many ways to extract moringa leaves. Each way has its strength and weakness.

Moringa Leaf Extract: The Way To Produce And How To Use

Moringa Leaf Extract: The Way To Produce And How To Use

Among many ways to produce moringa leaf extract, the most chosen methods are water extraction versus solvent extraction. An interesting study is conducted and a report shows a new fact is revealed. The report stated that extracting using cold water is effective and maximizes the leaf function in cancer healing. The scientist realized that this whole time, many studies concentrated on solvent extraction. They applied substances like acetone, ethanol, ethyl acetate, and methanol. In fact, the newest method extraction (with the cold water) has high potential to support the cancer healing with the very minimum side effect.

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The research stated that the most appropriate number of water degree is 4o Celsius. The best temperature of the moringa leaf solvent for cancer healing is 4o Celsius. This becomes a new alternative solution for cancer and weakens the Corona virus. However, more serious further research will be needed because cancer is different from the other disease. It is hard to take care and usually the medicine has side effects. If it is effective and helps more than 50% cancer sufferers, this can be settled as a new patent herbal medicine for cancer. When the research shows less than 50%, it can only be a side supplement. Both results still prove that moringa leaf extract has positive energy.

Moringa Leaf Extract: The Way To Produce And How To Use

Moringa Leaf Extract: The Way To Produce And How To Use

How To Use Moringa Leaf Powder?

Knowing that this kind of leaf has good benefits, a new question comes. The question usually arouse are where to find in the US and how to use moringa leaf powder. Is it as simple as making an instant coffee? Or do people have to cook it first? In fact, it is even easier than those mentioned. It can be sown on the meal directly. The dry material makes it sheer in taste and does not ruin the taste of the main meal. it can also be added into cuisine during the cooking process (1 up to 2 teaspoons for each cuisine). In brief words, the way moringa powder use:

  1. Blending it with fruit or other kinds of cold beverages. This is the most fun way because there are only a few people who do not like juices. Even, children who usually reject food love it.
  2. Baking it. Add it into cookie dough and bake it with them. The result will be delicious and healthy cookies.
  3. Sprinkling it on to various ready to eat food like soups, bread, sauces, scrambled egg, pasta, etc.

It can be concluded that the moringa leaf powder use is simple and easy.

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The Commitment Of Morifa

To get this magical powder, Morifa is the best reference. Morifa is a company that has a high commitment to providing moringa leaf extract. Our product is the best with a high-quality moringa leaf. When the fresh leaves are collected, there is a screening process. Only good leaves will be processed. Here are the detail steps used by Morifa in processing moringa leaves.

  1. Begin from the tree, the trees with good health and green leaves will be chosen. The best moringa trees are those in the tropical area although they are strong to grow in many areas with various climates. The reason is the tropical area has humid air and soil with a warm environment temperature. That condition is the most perfect for growing moringa trees. That perfect condition makes high-quality leaves in huge amounts. That is why the supply from the tropical area is facile and expedite.
  2. The drying process uses the latest and most sophisticated methods. The process is faster than the other kind of method. Big demand for moringa leaf extract can be handled and shipped on time. The time needed from harvesting to the packaging takes no more than a day. It is good for business because the order can be finished in a quick time.
  3. The packaging comes with the safest one that makes sure the leaf extract inside will not be broken by the sunlight exposure or the heat that may come from the shipping process. The wrap is in some layers that are important to keep moringa leaf extract inside dry and good. As we see in banana fruit, if it is beaten and exposed by air and heat, the color will change. The change of the color is the sign that the nutrition contained also decreased.
  4. The package of the products is ready to be labeled. It is the most suitable factory to work with.

Grow your business in the US with Morifa. We promise the best products, supply, and service.

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