The Global Moringa Product Market

“The Global Moringa Product Market” is expanding year by year. How hot the earth’s temperature and whatever lifestyle of the global community, the moringa miracle tree will always flourish. It appears to be a code from nature that God grows the moringa miracle tree as a blessing to many people. People begin to cultivate the moringa miracle tree for daily use as natural medicine, food supplement or ingredient, and business related to the world of beauty and healthy food.

The global moringa product market is expanding as people flock to share their real experiences using moringa in the form of oil and leaf powder. How amazing the moringa miracle tree is. Too many benefits can be shared with the public when consuming this moringa product regularly. Based on the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) calculation, the global moringa product market in 2017 broke through the millions of US dollars. The rate of growth continues to increase in 2018 and is estimated to be 2025 and above. So, what makes a moringa miracle tree product worth millions of US dollars?

The Global Moringa Product Market

Magical Plants Of All Time

The nutritional content and health benefits are the two things most people look for from food during the Covid-19 pandemic. People now rarely care about the taste, appearance, and warm social atmosphere of a meal. The most important thing for them is the cleanliness of the food and how the health effects for the body after consuming it.

Moringa miracle tree which is processed by the producers of pure moringa products has become one of the most reliable foodstuffs during Coronavirus attack. Long before now, the moringa miracle tree is also a food supplement for those who are very concerned about health. Only certain people care about the moringa miracle tree for their intake needs in summer, winter, spring, and autumn. Nowadays, products derived from the moringa miracle tree have become one of the world’s main food needs.

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The Nutrition Facts Of Moringa

It’s astonishing to know the nutritional content of the moringa miracle tree. More than 90 nutrient content in moringa. That number doesn’t include the antioxidants that moringa has. There are at least 40 antioxidants in the moringa miracle tree. No wonder if the moringa miracle tree becomes a reference food source as an energy intake that you must consume every day when the Coronavirus is rampant as it is today.

The Global Moringa Product Market

To give you a simple description, we will take as much as 100 grams of moringa leaf powder as a comparison with the nutritional content. In 100 grams of moringa powder, you will get:

  • More than 400 mg of potassium.
  • 164 mg of vitamin C, which is more than vitamin C of 7 oranges.
  • More than 8 grams of protein, which is twice as much as milk protein.
  • 738 mg of vitamin A, this is 4 times more than the same amount of vitamin A in carrots.
  • Almost 450 mg of calcium, which is 4 times the amount of calcium in the same amount of milk.

In addition to these facts, you also need to know the reasons why the global market for moringa miracle tree raises continually. This is obviously due to the antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that moringa miracle tree has to treat more than one hundred diseases in the world. While for healthy people, moringa miracle tree products are a superfood. However, you can see these nutritional facts on the moringa miracle tree packaging of products sold by PT Morifa.

The Global Moringa Product Market

What Is PT Morifa?

PT Morifa is a company that produces a variety of moringa miracle tree products. The company located in Jakarta, Indonesia only focuses on moringa. Including the welfare of farmers in the moringa operational land coverage in East Nusa Tenggara.

The seeds that are processed into pure moringa oil and leaf processed into organic moringa powder are proven contain more vitamin A than other moringa originating from Africa and India. Then, on the next level, PT Morifa also expands its business target to America because people there are now familiar with moringa oil which turns out to be far more nutritious and more affordable than olive oil and other essential oils that we’ve known so far.

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