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Moringa plants, which seeds are used as raw material for Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® has millions of benefits. Indeed, the moringa plant is known to be versatile since centuries ago and now is becoming one of the trending topics in the beauty industry. Since a long time ago, it is used in everyday life, not just for food, medicine, but also for beauty products. It is not surprising this plant that can grow in areas with extreme heat such as countries in Asia and Africa is often used by people to support the beauty of the skin and hair of local women. How are the full benefits? Let’s take a look at the reviews!

Getting to know Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®

The oil produced by the Moringa plant is an essential oil that is very useful for our skincare from head to toe. Behind all of that, research has shown that Moringa seeds can purify water let alone its work for our skin, right? While the leaves are rich in essential nutrients, they are also widely used as extracts and added in supplements or cosmetic ingredients.

In this increasingly modern era, people are competing to take steps back to nature to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, many beauty industries also prioritize the use of natural ingredients. This has more or less influenced Moringa oil as a popular topic of discussion lately. It is proven that many moringa mixtures are found in serums, creams, and even shampoo products complete with conditioner. That means it’s true, moringa can beautify us from head to toe? Let’s look at the ability further!

Supports the Beauty of Your Hair Charm

  • Eliminating Traces of Dandruff from the Scalp

Isn’t the main function of hair products is to support cleanliness? This is the amazing thing about this natural product because moringa oil can get rid of dandruff and even split ends. How can? This oil contains various minerals and vitamins which nourish and have the power to penetrate the follicles and protect them.

  • Strengthens Hair

If you have hair problems that break or fall out easily, then this natural ingredient will be your savior. The absorption power of the follicles can strengthen the hair even from the roots. The advantage is in its high vitamin A content so it nourishes and protects the hair from damage and exposure to pollution.

  • Locking Moisture

One of the causes of hair loss that cannot be separated from dehydration, cramps. Especially for residents of subtropical areas in the long winter. The skin will tend to be drier and need moisture all the time. So moringa oil will be a good choice because it has a texture that resembles the natural oils produced by the scalp, so it can balance and lock in moisture.

Regardless, don’t worry if you will feel too oily or smell musty after massaging your scalp. Because Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® has a soft texture that is easily absorbed and has a refreshing aroma.

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