Moringa – The Recently Known Superfood

You probably have heard about Moringa Oleifera, a type of ‘superfood’ tree that has recently become a trend. The tree is native to Asia and Africa, and it is especially abundant in North India. The plant itself has been used for herbal purposes for centuries, but the Western modern scientific world has just revealed the benefits recently – which cause the drastic increase in popularity and demand. So, what is Moringa and how it is beneficial for you?

Some Special Traits of Moringa

The tree is known for its many names, including Ben oil tree, horseradish tree, or drumstick tree. The most marvelous thing about the tree is that you can use all of its parts – for culinary purpose and for herbal medicine. In Africa and India, people eat the leaves and pods. The fresh leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins. According to recent studied, a cup of chopped and fresh leaves (around 21 grams) would have 2 grams of protein, vitamin B16, magnesium, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, and riboflavin. In Western world, you can find dried leaves easily for dietary supplements. You can either find them in capsule or powder form.

Various Facts About Moringa Oleifera Oil

Unlike the leaves, the pods may not have higher level of minerals and vitamins, but they have higher level of vitamin C. a cup of sliced and fresh pods (around 100 grams) would contain around 157% of vitamin C – enough for the daily requirements.

Moringa and the Health Benefits

The reason why Moringa is considered a healthy superfood is because of its high antioxidant level. Everyone knows that antioxidants are the ones fighting off the body’s free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for chronic diseases, such as diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular issues.

It’s a good thing that Moringa Oleifera leaves are rich in these compounds:

  • The antioxidant is powerful enough to deal with high blood pressure. With regular consumption, you can lower the pressure.
  • Chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant can moderate the blood sugar after meal, so it won’t fluctuates wildly.

There was a study with women participants that revealed the positive effect of consuming Moringa regularly. These women took 7 grams (1.5 teaspoon) of powdery Moringa leaf on a daily basis for 3 month. And their blood antioxidant levels have increased.

Ineffable Organic Moringa Oil From Indonesia

Things to Know about Moringa

Moringa is believed to help dealing with health issues, like diabetes or inflammation. When consumed regularly, the capsules or the powder can maintain your fitness level and keep you healthy. Some studies show that Moringa leaves (which have been turned into capsules or powders) can actually lead to reduced blood sugar level.

Further studies are still needed to ensure the best benefits of Moringa, but it doesn’t hurt to consume Moringa regularly on a daily basis. It can be a part of your lifestyle change into a healthier state. If you are interested in the products, you should buy Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®. They have various products – all of them are good for your health. Moringa isn’t a magical product that can transform your health state overnight, but it’s definitely a promising product worth trying.

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