The Secret of Ancient Civilization Inside Pure Moringa Oil

Pure Moringa Oil is a natural vegetable oil obtained from the juice of the kernels of the mature Moringa oleifera tree. The materials for the Pure Moringa Oil are taken from the seeds of moringa that are ripe and dry from the Moringa trees that are more than 10 years old. The seeds are then peeled and the inner flesh (kernel) is taken to extract the oil by squeezing it with a screw-press machine. The Pure Moringa Oil process that we do is completely natural, peeling the seeds manually and squeezing them with a non-extraction machine that uses synthetic chemicals. This process ensures 100% natural Pure Moringa Oil derived from the Moringa seed kernels without any mixture of ingredients.

Pure Moringa Oil is clear yellow, odorless and thanks to its various antioxidants, Moringa oil does not go rancid for more than 5 years after production. This resistance is what makes Pure Moringa Oil sought after for a number of health applications, beauty products and perfumes.

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Although Pure Moringa Oil is very suitable for use as cooking oil, due to the high demand for the cosmetics industry and low production levels, it is very expensive for daily use as a cooking oil product. However, the small amount of Pure Moringa Oil that is often used in cooking recipes produces a delicious and distinctive taste. Pure Moringa Oil is also sometimes used as a dressing for vegetables, salads, and other green dishes.

Centuries of Pure Moringa Oil

The unique and extraordinary properties of Pure Moringa Oil have been recognized for centuries and have been documented for thousands of years as a medium for rejuvenating, protecting and maintaining youthful skin. Pure Moringa Oil occupies a special place in ancient Egyptian culture, being used by the queens and princesses of the kingdom in maintaining the beauty of their skin. That may explain why the Egyptians placed Pure Moringa Oil vases in each of the Pyramids for their use in the afterlife. The Arabs in the desert spread Moringa oil on their faces to ward off damage from sun and wind exposure, the ancient Romans used Pure Moringa Oil as a stable base for making fragrances.

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Today, the world of modern science has uncovered the secrets of ancient civilizations using Moringa oil and discovered that the antioxidants in Pure Moringa Oil perform miracles that can delay skin aging, remove fine wrinkles and black spots on the face, provide nutrition to the skin, retain moisture, protect the skin from radicals. free, sun exposure and air pollution. These properties make Pure Moringa Oil the most stable oil.

Pure Moringa Oil is rich in cytokinins. Cytokinins are plant hormones that promote cell growth and delay the aging process by delaying cell death and tissue damage. The most potent cytokinin is zeatin. Pure Moringa Oil contains thousands of times more zeatin than any other plant, making it an essential part of any skin and hair care program. These are what makes Pure Moringa Oil popular in ancient civilization.

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