What is Moringa Powder?

Talking about moringa powder, of course we will remember the moringa plant. Moringa plants are the basic ingredients of the powder. Apart from being made from moringa plants, it turns out that the benefits or properties of the powder are also very many. One of the benefits is for beauty treatment. Want to know more? Let us continue reading.

What is Moringa powder?

This powder made from the Moringa plant was first defined by the Indonesians, namely the people of East Nusa Tenggara. He is an NTT man who first made the powder for medicine. Then the women use it for beauty treatments as well so that its use has expanded until now to the international world.

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How to make the powder

Want to know how to make the powder? There’s no need to ask the man above because he’s gone. But, now I will tell in this article. How to make the powder is as follows:

  • Pull out the moringa plant and its roots
  • Clean the moringa plant until it is completely clean from the ground using running water
  • Grind or mash the moringa plant until it is completely crushed and becomes soft
  • Stir the crushed and soft moringa plant
  • Dry on plastic or tarpaulin by placing it in a field exposed to the scorching heat
  • After drying, pound it so that it becomes a fine powder

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Benefits of powder made from moringa plant

Seeing the simple manufacturing process, we want to know what are the benefits. It turns out quite a lot of usefulness. The benefits are as follows:

  • As a face mask that can rejuvenate the skin
  • As a medicine to cure headaches
  • As a hair mask
  • If drunk, nutritious for immune booster
  • Medicine for aches

Countries that use moringa based powder

Initially, the use of this powder was only in Indonesia, especially NTT (East Nusa Tenggara). Then, its use also extends to the international world. Countries that use this powder are China, Germany, USA, Canada, and European countries. They use this powder for health and beauty. It can be concluded, that this powder is quite famous in these countries.

Where can we get this powder?

Look in online shops to buy this finished powder. Then after that, you can buy the powder at a price that suits your abilities. The prices displayed by the online shop must vary, well, you are smart about choosing a powder that is the right price in your opinion. If the price is right, then you will not feel heavy in the furniture so you can routinely buy it as a daily necessity that is not heavy to fulfill.


After reading this article, you will know very well what Moringa powder is. It turns out that the powder is easy to make yourself, and has many benefits. So, if you see wild moringa plants, don’t throw them away or waste them. You can take it and take it home for treatment so you can process it into the powder. In addition, the finished powder has also been sold in various online shops. So, you don’t need to make it yourself but just buy it at the online shop. Have a nice activity, and hopefully this article is useful and goodbye.

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