What You Need to Know about Moringa

Moringa, the newest trend in the health industry today, comes from Moringa Oleifera tree – which is native in Asia, Africa, and especially India. Native people of Eastern cultures have used the tree as a part of their herbal practice for centuries. All parts of the tree can be used – eaten or turned into other forms. They have been used in food preservation as well as medicine to combat constipation and headaches. Moringa is also believed to increase libido, help with weight loss efforts, and boost the immune system.

In the modern world, Moringa is often present in the form of capsules or powder. Studies reveal that Moringa can balance the blood sugar, help with cardiovascular issue, and lower the cholesterol level. The powdery form can be added to energy drinks or smoothies. You can drink it like you have your tea. The oil is generally used topically – for skincare and hair.

Moringa Oleifera Oil to Erase the Dark Spot

Moringa Oleifera Oil to Erase the Dark Spot

Moringa and Its Many Benefits

As it was mentioned before, the tree is useful as all of the parts can be used or consumed. That’s why it is often called the miracle tree because of its long history in traditional medicine. Moringa powder tastes like other greens, such as spirulina and matcha powder. The seeds have unique taste. They are sweet when you pop them into the mouth, but when you chew them, they would turn bitter.

The seeds, pods, and leaves have high levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Moringa leaf is a great source of protein, containing the complete 9 essential amino acids needed by the body. The pods have high level of vitamin C. The seeds are edible and they are rich in oleic acid – a type of fatty acid that is also found in olive oil.

Studies also show that moringa is packed with health-promoting compounds, such as Quercetin and beta-sitosterol. It also has high level of anti-inflammatory compounds that can be helpful to deal with chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, such as cancers and heart issues.

Studies also reveal that Moringa can help with some chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but further studies are still needed.

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Proper Storage and Consumption

You can find Moringa easily at online and also offline health-food stores. They are usually available in extract forms as well as in powder and capsule ones. You can even find the dried seeds and pods, if you are interested. For proper consumption, make sure that you follow each product’s directions and guide. Don’t be a know-it-all and exceed the recommended dosage if you want to have a safe consumption.

Before you consume the seeds, you need to remove the fibrous cover and the pod. The mechanism is similar to eating a sunflower seed. What you want is the inner kernel only. It is advisable to consume only one to two seeds per day and see how your digestive system responds to those seeds. If you don’t show any side effect, then you can add more. But do it slowly and talk first to your doctor.

Some people may show laxative effect after consuming the seed. That’s why you should be careful and proceed slowly. Moringa (whether in capsule or powdery form, or even the seed) should be kept in air tight containers. Keep it in a cool place, protected from heat and light.

Thinking about consuming Moringa? You can always Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® as they have different kinds of products for your every need. Moringa can be your new best friend to maintain your health safely and soundly.

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