Why Moringa Leaf Powder Is Good For New Mothers

Breastfeeding is the most excellent source of sustenance for your infant within the beginning months after birth. But some women may have an issue with their milk supply. In this case, there are numerous common choices that you can attempt to have the best quality of breast milk, Moringa being one of them. Moringa leaf powder is well known to help breastfeeding mothers. Here are the reasons why.

Moringa Leaf Powder Can Boosts Production of Breast Milk

Moringa is considered a galactagogue in Asia, a substance that helps in enhancing the milk supply. Many nursing mothers believe the effect of moringa in breastfeeding found a positive impact on the supply of breastmilk, more than doubling the milk production in many cases. Due to its effectiveness and nutritional richness, even lactation consultants recommend Moringa to induce lactation.

Helps Replenish Lost Nutrients

You may lose many nutrients during pregnancy and this often continues into the ‘fourth’ trimester. When you are tending to a newborn, it can be difficult to make the time to eat – or to remember to eat when you have limited time to yourself.

A new mother is often surrounded with good nutritious snacks. Moringa is a great natural healthy plant that you can consume quite easily to replenish lost nutrients, which helps in boosting recovery and overall energy levels.

Knowing More about Pure Moringa Oil and Its Characteristic

Moringa leaves contain a lot of composition that our body needs such as, calcium, protein, potassium, and many more nutrients, making it a super food for new mothers. Breastfeeding mothers need a higher dose of calcium because your body produces milk for the baby. Your little one also needs calcium for optimal growth.

Moringa is commonly consumed in powdered form or as tea, because it’s practically not possible to consume 100 grams of moringa leaves everyday. Moringa has a high protein and calcium content that makes it an excellent source of nutrients for vegan mothers in particular.

Promotes hair growth

The nutrients in Moringa leaves, specifically zinc, iron, amino acids, vitamin C and vitamin E, are all beneficial in addressing postpartum hair fall. Since Moringa powder is entirely natural, it’s much easier for the body to absorb.

Moringa Essential Oil For Your Bounty Pleasant Hair Treatment

Balances New Mothers Energy

The process of childbirth creates space in the mother’s body and upsets her energy. Moringa can reduce the imbalance in vata, especially when the leaves are consumed with sesame oil.

Moringa is rich with iron, which is a very important nutrient for a nursing mother. Iron can help a new mom deal with fatigue and exhaustion. And in many cases, new mothers may lose a considerable amount of blood during birth, especially normal or natural labours, this is also why inducing Moringa may help in storing back the lost blood from a new mother’s body. Rich in vitamin K, Moringa leaves can help with blood clotting.

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Other than all of the things mentioned above, Moringa leaf powder also contains isothiocyanates, flavonoids, and phenolic acid, which have anti-inflammatory properties. No wonder this plant is famously called as a ‘Miracle Tree’

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