2 Benefits of Moringa Powder You Should Never Missed

Even though they are small in size, Moringa powder has many important benefits for the health of the body. In fact, scientists call it a magic tree (Miracle Tree).

Moringa leaves are oval-shaped, and are small in size neatly arranged on a stalk, usually cooked as a vegetable for treatment. Research on the efficacy of Moringa powder has been started since 1980, on the leaves, then the bark, fruit and seeds.

The world health organization WHO recommends that children and infants in their infancy consume them, because of the benefits of the large content of Moringa powder, which contain:

  • Potassium is three times more than banana.
  • Calcium four times than milk.
  • Vitamin C seven times more than oranges.
  • Vitamin A four times more than carrots.
  • Twice the protein than milk.

The WHO organization, which named the Moringa tree as a miracle tree, after discovering the important benefits of Moringa leaves. More than 1,300 studies, articles and reports have explained the benefits of moringa and its ability to cure diseases, which are important in dealing with epidemics and malnutrition.

Research shows that nearly every part of the moringa plant has important properties, which can be utilized in several ways. Draxe.com Benefits of Moringa leaves

Moringa Powder Benefits For Daily Use

# 1. Maintain body weight

An important thing that should not be forgotten is to keep the body in balance with its body weight. Studies conducted by experts found that moringa powder helps to treat digestive problems whose benefits are to stimulate the body’s metabolism to burn calories optimally.

Reporting from jabar.tribunnews.com, tea made from Moringa leaves contains high polyphenols, which work as antioxidants. The benefits of antioxidants are to detoxify toxins in the body and strengthen the immune system.

# 2. Eliminate facial spots

A simple concoction, take some young moringa leaves, mash until very smooth, then use as a powder (or it can also be mixed with powder).

According to makassar.tribunnews.com, in some countries Moringa extract has been used as a raw material for making cosmetics for the skin. The parts of the moringa plant that are widely used for the skin are the bark, leaves, flowers and seeds.

Moringa leaves contain nutrients such as calcium and minerals such as copper, iron, zinc (zinc), magnesium, silica and manganese. Moringa leaves can also be a natural moisturizer, have uses to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the skin.

Moringa Leaf Extract For A Slim And Healthy Body

In Moringa leaves, there are more than 30 antioxidant substances that are beneficial for skin health. Moringa leaves are rich in minerals and amino acids that can help produce collagen and keratin protein, which are important for the health of all skin tissues in the body.

There are several well-known brands of cosmetic products that use Moringa oil as a raw material for their products. Especially skin care products such as anti-aging creams, anti-wrinkle creams, aromatherapy oils, facial foam, lotions, lightening creams and deodorants.

The benefits of this Moringa plant are indispensable for the health and beauty of the skin, starting from Moringa leaves, Moringa oil to Moringa flowers.

Moringa powder is often used as raw material for cosmetics and perfumes, colognes, hair oils, and aromatherapy oils. Moringa powder contains high oleic acid, very well refined into oil. Moringa flower oil can be relied on to absorb and retain aroma.

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