5 Food Recipes Made Of Moringa Powder Wholesale

The world is not as wide as Moringa leaves. Maybe it’s just a saying. But did you know that these small moringa leaves can be used as food? You can purchase them on any moringa powder wholesale to get their benefits.

The Moringa oleifera plant is native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This plant thrives in the tropics so you can easily grow it at home too. Not only being a shade tree, moringa has various benefits ranging from controlling blood sugar, protecting the liver, preventing inflammation and also improving digestion.

However, this leaf is still quite unfamiliar, not many people know that Moringa leaves can be processed as a daily menu.

Moringa Tea Is A Good Drink To Make Body In Fit Condition

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  1. Moringa tea

Take advantage of Moringa leaves as a tea dish. You can use two ways, namely using fresh Moringa leaves or dried Moringa leaves.

Launching from NDTV, if you use fresh Moringa leaves, just prepare a pinch of the leaves, wash and boil. After a few minutes, strain the cooking water and enjoy it as a tea. Meanwhile, for dry moringa leaves, first dry a handful of leaves in the sun to dry brown. The dried leaves are then pounded, then brewed with hot water. Moringa tea can be enjoyed immediately or add lemon and honey to add flavor and benefits.

  1. Moringa leaf smoothie

Tired of your usual smoothies? Just try a smoothie made from moringa leaves. Simply prepare fresh Moringa leaves, pineapple slices, mango and banana, blender and fresh smoothie ready to drink.

If you are not familiar with smoothies, you can add moringa leaves to vegetable juice. Use a small amount so as not to mess up the taste of your juice blend.

Drink Recipe From Moringa Tea To Accompany Covid-19 Pandemic Period

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  1. Moringa leaf soup

Not only a drink, you can make Moringa leaves into soup. The processing method is like you would a cup as usual, but the Moringa leaves should go before the soup is cooked. The leaves don’t take long to ripen and are ready to eat.

Apart from soup, in Indonesia it is known as clear vegetable. This vegetable with fresh clear broth with garlic and salt spices is fairly practical. If spinach is usually the mainstay, this time try using Moringa leaves. The taste will not be much different and still feels fresh to eat.

  1. Scrambled egg with Moringa leaves

Scrambled eggs, aka scrambled eggs, are a kind of ‘comfort food’ that is easy to prepare. Inserting moringa leaves or moringa powder you can get out of wholesale will make it even more nutritious. Quoting from the Huffington Post, you can add Moringa leaves by steaming or boiling the leaves first. Then mix with a freshly fried egg beaten. Chopped sausage will make processed eggs even more delicious.

  1. Moringa guacamole

Both are green, you can combine Moringa leaves and avocado. The simplest guacamole is made with mashed avocado and a pinch of salt. From this practical recipe, simply add the finely chopped moringa leaves you just buy or you can also use the powder from moringa powder wholesale.

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