A Simple Guide of Moringa Oleifera Oil Uses

Moringa oleifera oil is a kind of natural oil extracted from the seeds of Moringa tree. This tree is also called as the “miracle tree” since it provides nutrition in the whole parts not only the seeds, but also the bark, flowers, roots, and even the leaves. They are used both for medicinal and industrial purposes.

However, since some people are still new to this natural oil, learning how to use it is very important. Just because this is a natural oil doesn’t mean that it can be just used in any way that you want it without having to consider the side effects.

Various Uses of Moringa Oleifera Oil

  • Cooking Oil

While fried foods are always unhealthy due to the saturated fats they contain, now you can make your fried food so much healthier by using moringa oil as your cooking oil. This oil is rich in oleic acid, which is a king of monounsaturated healthy fat. It makes your foods more nutritious and it is an affordable option compared to the other healthy expensive oils.

  • Topical Use

With the rising popularity of moringa oil these days, many skincare products have started using it as one of the ingredients to help cleansing and moisturizing skin. Its good benefits for skin is undeniable. People are more interested with skincare products containing moringa oil since it provides a long list of benefits their skin can experience.

  • Ingested Supplement

Its benefits for the skin and health can be experienced no only by using is topically, but also by ingesting it as a supplement. The high content of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants can boost your immune system.

However, the dosage intake for ingestion must be paid to attention. People with several diseases should consult it with their doctors first before using to see if there is any interference with the medicine prescribed or if it is good to consume under certain conditions.

Tips Buying Moringa Oil

Not all products of moringa oil you find at the market can be consumed. You should look closely whether it is essential oil or carrier oil. Moringa essential oil can be used only for topical use since it has been mixed with some ingredients. You shouldn’t consume any moringa oil when it is labelled as an essential oil.

If you want to consume the oil as a supplement or use it for cooking oil, then you must go with the cold pressed, organic moringa oil. The moringa oil should be labeled as food grade, which means it is not combined with any chemical ingredients.

Although a brand or product claims it contains moringa oil, sometimes it only uses a little of it. You can check the color and smell of the product to check if there is abundant moringa oil added or there should be at least moringa oil in the product, not just a label.

The smell of moringa oil resembles peanut and the color is pale yellow. Since the smell is not strong as it is natural, you might need to have a good scent of smell to spot it. By choosing the right moringa oleifera oil product, you can find the perfect product option that is suitable to your need.

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