A Story of Starting Moringa Oil Wholesale

Today let’s talk about a story, an experience of starting a moringa wholesale. From how the plan was made, the execution, the growth, and other things around the industry. As we know, an industry can’t keep going augmented straightly without any obstacles or impediments.

The Plan of Growing Moringa Oil Wholesale

The first thing that comes to mind of moringa oil wholesale happens as soon as we find out a high demand for moringa. Though the native region of moringa, which is India has a great amount of moringa production, it will never be at the level of the world’s needs. That was the idea of the wholesale.

We then plan the yields of the moringa, the quality we aim, the value-based prices, and the cost we should pay to make the best quality within local farmer empowerment. The obstacles we find here is that the least amount of agronomic information and data will be very helpful in growing the moringa.

Information per information is being searched, thus we also find a plan for our business in more detail. Such as soil quality, tools and equipment needed, time, and energy we are investing, and last but not least the financial need. We do realize that production costs, operating costs, land, cultivation, even the cold-pressing process costs, are all prepared in a huge consideration.

We also make a big picture on how to overcome this business, the marketing challenges, the supporting tools, it has been a very great starter of the business journey. Should never forget the short-term and intermediate goals of the business. What would it be if not, conclusively, satisfying our customers with the best quality moringa oil that brings lots of good impacts?

But of course, to achieve that, we then again start to run the business from the pitch-deck step, negotiate with every aspect of the business, such as farmers, bottles supplier, distributor, and other contributors for the business.

Talking about production and distribution, we also consider very strict planning. We carefully design our distribution plans, our production target, that we wish will be well impactful for the success of the business. We also discuss a lot about regulation and the environment in the business world that will be very helpful in marketing our moringa oil products. Of course, the importance of legal could not be left behind, especially when it comes to the product you are putting on your skin or consuming.

What Shall We Do Next?

The next step we are planning after the quality test is approved, of course, the marketing strategy. In the first step, we optimize our social media to share with the world about the products. We even travel to learn more and more about moringa from other places. That being said, we still research to make sure we have the quality we want.

We also share the information with the local networking, to simply promote our business as local empowerment, and end it all with advertising.

It is a fun journey to start a moringa oil wholesale business. Not every aspect of it is our favorite, but so far, it is very enjoyable.

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