Avoid Moringa Root and Seeds During Pregnancy

As this is a totally organic substance, moringa does not have any notable side effects when you ingest it orally or apply it on your skin for skin care. However, it’s important to avoid eating the root and its extracts. These parts of the plant may contain a toxic substance that can cause paralysis and death. Moringa has been used safely in doses up to 6 grams daily for up to 3 weeks. Been around for such a long time, you’re likely to find a lot of supplements or synthetic versions of the same that can be harmful. Therefore, always strive to use the purest version of this plant for its health benefits and to avoid any problems. There is not enough information available about the safety of using other parts of moringa during pregnancy. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

During pregnancy or when breast-feeding, it’s best to avoid moringa extract, root or high doses of supplements since not enough research has been done to show it’s definitely safe. It’s possible that chemicals within the plant’s root, bark and flowers can lead to contractions of the uterus, which can cause complications during pregnancy. Use moringa under the care of a health care professional or functional doctor if pregnant or breast-feeding to air on the safe side.

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