Does Moringa Is Worth As Superfood?

Western people just found out about the magic of moringa oleifera during the past two or three decades. This small plant is actually the main source of health benefits that people need. Southeast Asian people have already been using this product since ancient times. They don’t only use this plant as the source of medical purposes, but also for spices, fertilizer, rope, and fiber.

Everything in Moringa is Priceless

Known well as a miracle tree, all parts of this plant are very functional and fit for human consumption. Some people claim this tree as drumstick tree, horseradish tree, and many other terms that apply. Whatever the name is, its leaves, roots, fruits, flowers, and seeds are highly useful. They are not only applicable for food but also beauty treatments.

Though every part of the tree is beneficial, its leaves contain a higher level of minerals, proteins, and phytonutrients as well as other excellent substances. Anyone who wanted to enjoy the best benefit of its leaves can just eat them in raw or cooked form. Of course, such a consumption method only applies centuries ago.

These days, modern people take advantage of the leaves and have them processed with modern equipment. The extracts are mostly in the form of capsules, and powders. There are also some products of moringa leaves in the form of tea. They are good for maintaining the body’s immune system.

The Moringa Oil Bulk Products for Your Beauty

Modern Researches and Perfect Servings

It wasn’t until the millennium that western researchers tried to find out the best benefits of this magical plant. They found out that the leaves of Moringa, which have a light green color, contain lots of healthful compounds. Besides vitamins and minerals, the leaves are rich in beta-carotene and quercetin.

Once the researchers have reported their invention, there are lots of manufacturers who produced Moringa extracts in the form of capsules, powder, tea, and oil. The Moringa oil is made from the seeds extract. However, reliable research of the U.S. Department of Agriculture claimed that each serving of 10-gram of moringa powder contains 150 milligrams of calcium. The amount is higher than a cup of milk. Meanwhile, the same serving also contains 2 milligrams of iron which is richer than in spinach. Well, there are still other advantageous substances like potassium, protein, and many more.

People in the United States and West Europe have been hunting for Moringa extracts, due to their rare existence in their countries. This is why they don’t mind buying this product at any price because they understand the real benefits that it offers. Fortunately, the powdered moringa extract still contains similar compounds of minerals, vitamins, and other healthy substances, just like the fresh leaves’

Various Benefits Of Moringa Leaf Powder For Health

Superfood Confirmed

Nobody denies that moringa is indeed the real superfood. It has everything that any living creature needs. So far, there is no other plant that contains such complex nutrients as moringa. Its vitamin C has a greater amount than the one in orange. Another excellent fact is that vitamin A is also higher than in carrots.

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