Fighting Acne with Moringa Oleifera Oil

Acne seems to be everyone’s nightmare. Not only does it damage our skin, it also ruins our appearance. One of the ways to treat acne breakout is by incorporating Moringa oleifera oil into skin-care routing. The oil offers a natural blemish-fighting treatment as it contains antibacterial and inflammatory properties. As a result, the oil can sooth irritated skin and reduce the redness and size of active breakouts. In addition, Moringa oil has sebum-absorbing ability so it can be used on oily skin.

Can Moringa Oleifera oil treat acne breakouts?

Some people think that people with acne-prone skin should avoid using oil as it can make their skin oilier, leading to acne breakout. It is actually the opposite. Oil dissolves oil which means oil can actually help heal acne. However, not all oils can clear your acne. Select oils that are low on comedogenic scale so they won’t clog your pores. Moringa oil is one of the examples of suck low-comedogenic scale oil.


Moringa oleifera oil with seeds and leawes. Isolated

Because it does not clog pores, Moringa oil is great for fighting acne. Not only does it purify your skin, it also protects your skin from the buildup of girt and germs that cause acne. The oil has a key ingredient name linoleic acid that can naturally treat acne. Research has shown that this organic compound is able to nourish and moisturize skin without clogging pores.

Those who have a lower concentration of linoleic acid on their skin have a higher risk of acne breakouts. Our body, however, cannot product linoleic. Fortunately, this substance is contained some plant-based foods and essential oils including Moringa. The best thing from the oil is that it does not cause blackheads and whiteheads.

How to use Moringa oil on irritated skin?

First of all, wash your face and hands until they are completely clean. After that, gently pat your face with a clean towel to completely remove the water. To banish acne, simply drop the oil (2-4 drops are enough) to the irritated area. Spread the oil all over the blemishes using cotton buds. You can do this treatment twice a day in the morning and the evening.

Moringa Leaf Extract For A Slim And Healthy Body

Are there any side effects of Moringa oil?

Topical application of Moringa oil on skin is generally safe as long as you use pure Moringa oil. However, some people may have sensitive skin that certain oils can cause burns, dermatitis, and other skin irritation reaction. Just like when you try new products, do a patch test to see whether you are sensitive to the oil or not. You can apply the oil on a very small area on your skin. If there is nothing happens, you can apply it on a larger area.

How To Choose Moringa Oil Bulk For Cosmetic Base Materials?

In case your skin is sensitive but you still want to take the advantages of Moringa oleifera oil, you can dilute it in a carrier oil such as avocado, almond, or apricot kernel oil. In this way, you get a double benefit from both of the Moringa oil and the carrier oil.

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