Moringa Leaf Powder to Strengthen Immunity

Immune system plays an imperative role in the overall health of our body. It protects the body from germs, cell changes, and other harmful substances that can cause illnesses. There are many healthy ways to boost immune systems such as having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, minimizing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating a healthy diet one of the most important things to do to strengthen immunity. There are some specific foods and supplements that help boost immunity. One of them is Moringa leaf powder. This is how Moringa maintains long-term wellness.

Why Moringa leaf powder?

As the body’s defense mechanism, the immune system fights against various infection in the body. The infection can be caused by toxins, virus, bacteria, parasites, pathogens, and many more. A healthy immune system identify the pathogens and destroy them. The immune system also prevent cell mutations and the growth of carcinogenic cells.

Moringa improves the immune system because like other super foods, it boosts the production of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are the specialized white blood cells that fight against germ particles that enter the body. As a part of the body’s defense system, lymphocytes protect the body from pathogenic attracts. In other words, Moringa serves as boosters that reduce the number of substances sabotaging the normal functioning of the body.

Moringa Leaf Extract Vs Spirulina, Which Is Better

Moringa Leaf Extract Vs Spirulina, Which Is Better

In addition to supporting the lymphocytes production in the body, Moringa is abundant in protein. Protein itself is the skeleton of the immune system. This explains why people with weak immune system should consume milk, meat, yoghurt, and other protein-rich foods as their daily intake. Moringa is even better than those foods. For your information, it centime two times protein than yoghurt. Those who are vegans or allergic to dairy products can consume Moringa as the alternative of protein sources.

Other essential properties that Moringa has are vitamins A, B, C, and E. All of these vitamins are called as the antioxidant vitamins because they are good at combatting infections and illnesses. Vitamins A and E are specifically excellent in keeping cells healthy, preventing cells mutations.

Research on the benefits of Moringa on Immunity

The benefits of Moringa to keep the immune system healthy are not just claims or myths. There are some scientific evidences. There are a number of studies revealing that Moringa is beneficial to strengthen the immune system due to the properties it contains. For example, a study conducted by Madukwe in 2013 found that dried Moringa leaves contained plenty of macronutrients from essentials vitamins (especially vitamins A and C), iron, and calcium.

Moringa Powder Bulk

Besides, other researchers also found that Moringa leaf powder had notable amounts of crude protein which is very important in increasing the immune response of the body. A diet rich in protein is vital because in addition to combat bacterial and viral infection, protein helps repair and build body tissue. Keep in note that immune system relies a lot on protein. If your diet contains too little protein, you will suffer from apathy, fatigue, and weakness. Those are signs of poor immunity.

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