Moringa Tea To Prevent Cancer

In addition to medical treatment and medication, many people with cancer often takes herbal medicine as a complementary therapy to speed up the cure of cancer. Moringa is one of the herbs reported to prevent and cure cancer. Moringa is available in many forms such as powder, leaf extract, oil, and tea bag. Moringa tea is more preferable as it is easy to consume. In addition to treat cancer, Moringa is often used to treat other diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Research on Moringa tea and cancer

There have been a number of studies done to know the effectiveness of Moringa to treat cancers. All of the studies were conducted in mice and test tubes, not in humans. All of them revealed that Moringa could kill various cancer cells such as colon cancer cells, lung cancer cells, liver cancer cells, ovarian cancer cells and leukemia cells. However, as the study did not involve humans as the research objects, the benefit of Moringa in curing cancer cannot be proven yet in human clinical trials.

Moringa and antioxidants

Even though, research on the use of Moringa in curing cancers in humans is still scant, the fact that Moringa is a great source of antioxidants cannot be denied. Antioxidants are substances that serve as protective agents, protecting the body from the dangerous effects of free radicals that can cause cancer. Free radicals allow tumors to grow and lead to cancer because they attach healthy cells, changing their DNA.

Simple Moringa Leaf Powder Recipes You Should Try

Simple Moringa Leaf Powder Recipes You Should Try

Consuming Moringa tea which is rich in antioxidants, therefore, can help prevent damaging effects of free radicals, decreasing the risk of cancer. The antioxidants mostly come from flavonoids and various vitamins contained in Moringa such as vitamins C and E. These antioxidants are essential for optimal health. Getting all of the antioxidants from food intake such as from Moringa is better than taking supplement because antioxidants supplements with very high dosage can be harmful.

While Moringa can be used as cancer prevention, is it also safe for cancer cure? It depends on the individuals. You should understand that cancer treatments affect people in different ways. Generally, cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy cannot take any antioxidants as they may interfere with the medications. Therefore, always consulting with your doctor whenever you want to take herbal medicine.

Are there any side effects of Moringa?

Pure Moringa extract or powder is perfectly safe as long as it is consumed in a proper dosage. Drinking 1-2 glasses of Moringa tea everyday will contribute to your overall health. Not only can this routine lower the risk of cancer, it is also good for your overall wellness. Just make sure that your do not consume large quantities of it.

The Moringa Powder and Its Processed Products

The Moringa Powder and Its Processed Products

If you drink Moringa tea too much, you may experience some side effects such as slow heart rate or lower blood pressure. Therefore, if you have health issues related to heath, liver, kidney, or diabetes, talk to your doctor first whether it is okay to take herbal tea. Pregnant women should also consult with an obstetrical and gynecologic specialist before taking any herbal tea.

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