Grow Your Own Moringa to Start a Moringa Powder Bulk Business

If you want to start selling moringa powder in bulk, then you might have to consider to grow your own moringa tree so that you can always restock your product anytime. Some people might prefer buying moringa powder from a distributor, but producing yourself will help you easily control the quality.

Growing moringa trees is quite easy since it requires low maintenance. You don’t have to learn specific farming skills to do that. Here are some useful tips for you to start planting your own moringa tree.

Build Your Moringa Powder Bulk Business by Producing It

  • Growing from Seeds

You have two options when it comes to grow moringa tree. The first option is growing it from the seed and the second is growing it from cuttings. To plant the tree from seeds you should choose the best area. The soil should be sandy and light without water-logged or clay. The best thing about planting moringa tree is that the tree can grow even in poor soils. However, composting or manuring will be better.

Dig a hole in the chosen soil with 30cm square and deep. Use loose soil to back fill the hole and put 3 to 5 seeds to each hole you have made. Each seed should be 5 cm apart. When planting the seeds don’t put them too deep. The maximum depth for planting the seeds should be no more than three times of the seeds’ width.

The soil should be moist enough, but not too wet. you can dig deeper and wider up to 90cm if your soil is heavy. Use a mix of original soil and sand to back fill the holes.

  • Growing from Cuttings

Every moringa tree you have grown successfully can be used to grow other moringa trees and make your garden bigger. The branches of moringa trees that have produced fruit each year must be cut off. This will help the trees having a growth fresh. The branches you cut off can be used to grow other new trees.

The branches should be at least 1.8m long and 2.5cm in diameter to be planted again. Put them in a hole with 2 ft. Deep and square. Fill the hole with a mixture of sand, composted manure and soil. The base should be covered with filling forming a cone. Water the new trees, but ensure you don’t let it touch the stem and don’t make the tree drown of water.

Things to Consider before Starting

Since you are planning to sell moringa powder, it means that you need to plant as many trees as possible to allow your business keep in stock. To do that you should have enough land in your area for growing the trees. The land should be accessible to where you will produce moringa powder.

Moreover, you need more spaces to dry moringa leaves since they can’t be put outside under the sun during the drying process. So before going down starting your moringa powder bulk business, everything must be well outlined and planned.

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