How to Consume Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder is an organic powder that is considered as 100% natural derivative from Moringa leaves. You get this powder by drying moringa leaves without stalks. Before mashing it into powder, it is dried in a closed drying room with maintained temperature.

Consuming Moringa Powder is the same as consuming other green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and lettuce. The only difference is that Moringa Powder contains higher nutrition and density. It also has medicinal properties.  The nutrients found in moringa powder are many times the content of any other leafy vegetables and food sources.

However, Moringa powder has a distinctive taste and aroma, which not everyone likes. You should be careful with its preparation because the funny smell and taste often occur spontaneously when consuming it. Fret not! This issue will soon disappear if you consume moringa powder regularly.

The principle of consuming Moringa Powder is to include all the nutrients contained in it into our bodies. So as to obtain benefits and medicinal properties, as well as the benefits and properties of natural nutrients contained therein, namely 48 antioxidants, 18 amino acids (8 essential amino acids), 36 anti- inflammation, multi-vitamins, minerals and other natural compounds required by the body’s metabolism.

How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?

1. Start with 3 teaspoons per day

For the first week, drinking Moringa powder is the best way to introduce Moringa to your body. Drink it every morning, during the day and at bedtime. Simply mix half a teaspoon of Moringa Leaf Powder into a glass of hot water. Let it dissolve then drink when warm. If the flavor and aroma are too strong for you, reduce it by increasing the water. You can sprinkle moringa Powder on food at breakfast, lunch or dinner. You would also like to mix Moringa Leaf Powder with fruit juices, mango, avocado, strawberry.

2. Increase the intake in the second week

Increase your nutritional intake by two tablespoons per day to maintain your health. As for healing, you can take up to three tablespoons per day. Use it in the same way as the first week. You can make Moringa tea, a mixture of drinks and food for your daily consumption.

3. After the second week

After the second week, your body has started to recognize Moringa Powder. You are already familiar with the taste and aroma. Start remembering and comparing what your body felt during the 2 weeks of consuming Moringa Leaf Powder. For those who have high blood sugar, or high blood pressure, please check your blood sugar and blood pressure levels, usually they have dropped and become normal again.

After two weeks of regular use, you can start making changes in many ways to your body. You can continue the consumption of moringa Powder in the amount of three to five tablespoons per day. Mix it in jelly, pudding, cake ingredients, coffee and milk, etc.

The nutrients contained in Moringa Powder work naturally inside your body. It will start with the process of removing toxins in the body (detoxification) including foreign objects and organisms in your body. Then, it will repair cells damaged by free radicals and disease as well as restoring the metabolic function of vital organs in your body. You can consume Moringa powder regularly as part of your daily diet

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