How to Make Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®, Can You Make It at Home?

More and more people find out the benefits of using moringa oil, that comes from any part of the plants. The oil is great for food, health, and even beauty industry purposes. Though you can buy your products from a trusted seller or source, you can also learn how to make your oil from moringa. If you are interested to try on, let’s go check this article out to see if you can make it yourself!

Making Your Personal Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® at Home

The oil of moringa proceeds in the industry is usually made of cold press process, where the extra virgin extraction is made. However, we are not learning to extract the oil this way for it is not reasonably expensive for one batch. We are going to make the oil from stuff we have at home.

First and foremost is to know how many seeds from the moringa that you need. You will also have to use only full mature seeds because they effectively hold 40% oil. Though, you will still need around 40 to 100 seeds of harvested moringa to make the oil.

When you already have that many seeds, now remove it all from the pods and also the shell. Few pieces of equipment you can use to take it off the shell such as mortar and pestle. You will need to put the seeds in the skillet then roast it up until done. It might look like a dark brown tone. The shell will turn flimsy and remain in a light color.

When done, move all the seeds into your blonder. Chop them off with the blender. While doing this, warm up water like a pot. When both activities are done, you will need to mix them up. Bring the mixed water and seeds to the stove and boil them. The oil from the moringa shall rise to the surface of the pot. When it is done (the oil has risen), turn off the stove and let it cool for around 20 minutes.

When it is at room temperature, skim the oil, or the surface of the liquid. Cool the oil of the moringa down by placing it in your fridge. It will also help to separate the oil from the water more thoroughly and in detail. When done, re-skim the surface and get the virgin oil you need. Store it in a container and done!

High Quality Moringa Oil Bulk and Its Positive Effect

High Quality Moringa Oil Bulk and Its Positive Effect

What Can You Do With Your Oil?

Now that you got your oil on your hands, what are you going to do with that?

Well, typically, you can use your virgin oil from moringa’s seeds for cooking, such as making pasta, sauces, or other foods. Another cooking example you can try is to add the oil to garlic butter and make it as the garnish or sauces for your daily diets.

Another option you can try is to make your moringa oil as organic beauty products for daily use such as hair oil. If you want to have an organic oil from moringa for skin treatment, we would so much recommend you to look for the industry’s product oil instead for its already proceeded in the safest way for skin.

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