The Story of Moringa, Superfood For Health and Beauty

Have you ever heard the name of the moringa before? I am pretty sure you have at least heard about it once. Some of you might be able to guess where it comes from. But do you know or ever heard the history behind the name of the moringa itself? Maybe you are interested in consuming the superfood, but still looking for a scientific research base to convince you? Well, let’s check this article out to see the history behind the plants, the scientific research, and one of its benefits: healthier beauty!

The History of The Moringa Oleifera

Moringa oleifera, one of the most famous of the thirteen brothers of Moringaceae plant family. It was first found in the northwest of India, in the region called Oudh and Agra, which is situated in the South Himalaya.

India’s holy book named Shushruta Sanhita, was referring to the name of the plant as Shigon. The book itself was written in the first century AD. It proves how old the plant itself, and maybe how long it has been used as alternatives for healthy consumption.

India’s ancient people themselves, have been cultivating the plant for at least a thousand years. They figured out that the seed of the plants contain healthy vegetable oil and can use it as herbal medicine and treatment.

For the record, India was not the only origin of the plants. Some experts also find solid and legitimate proof that the plant was also natives to Pakistan, Africa, and Arabs.

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Is There Any Scientific Research About Moringa?

Let’s talk about the scientific research about this plant. Moringa has been proven by research and experts from around the world to prove the benefits of it. For example, we may say the 2000 research of the plant saying that when the leaf is dissolved into the water, it can be used as antibiotics.

While on the 2015 research, an expert says that the extract from the leaf contains high protein with low molecular weight. It is also said to have capability against bacteria and fungus.

The next scientific research says that the leaves contain high β-carotene, calcium, vitamin C, and also protein. Which makes it a good example of a good with a natural antioxidant, due to various types of compounds, such as ascorbic acid, flavonoids, phenolics, and carotenoids.

Last but not least is the research showing that moringa contains more than 25% protein, making it a good and balanced food source of protein and essential amino acid.


The Effect For Your Face

Said in the one journal about Moringa oleifera seed oil, researchers have found out that the leaves serve great help in anti-aging. Furthermore, the antioxidant we talked about before can prevent signs of wrinkles, due to its ability to fight free radicals from ultraviolet rays.

It is also believed to help the skin to become firmer, for its protection of the integrity of the elastin in the skin. It also helps moisturize our skin which makes it more beautiful and healthier.

If you want to have fairer skin, then you will also want to consume the moringa leaves, for it can enlighten your skin and prevent dark spots from appearing on your face. To achieve it, you will only need to grind the leaves and apply it on your skin where the dark spots appear. Do it routinely, and your skin shall be healthy, firm, and clean.

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